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What tanning does it helps bring out the definition that makes you look leaner and bigger at the same time - if that makes sense. Because it really highlights definition. It also highlights your muscles so they will look better than they normally do if you were pale.

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What I am going to go over is basically tanning beds. If you are going to do it, I mean, the Pros are: basically it is going to make you feel better because it simulates being in direct sunlight, which will improve your mood, which is always a great thing. You are going to get darker, so its going to make you look better.

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You will be able to see more definition, vascularity in the gym. Lines will start coming out. So, you will look a lot more in shape. One of the top ten things you can really do to make yourself look better is go tanning You also will feel better, If you are going to do it and you are going to use the tanning bed, the pros are that its relatively cheap. You can get a monthly package depending on where you are, anywhere from $15 to $30 a month, and go as many times as you want.

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During the first week, you probably want to go and really get a good base tan, make sure you are not burning yourself. Don't ever go in and burn yourself because who knows if you will be able to get back in. Its painful and if you are buying a full month membership, there's no point in going in more than you need to, to get tan. So, look around your area. A lot of gyms have tanning, so check if your gym has any available. A lot of times, its really inexpensive, if not included in your membership, so, check that. That will save you some money.

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Now, the only cons, basically is skin cancer, so its detrimental in that way, so, the risk goes up if you are getting burnt in there if you are going too long or too much. You just want to keep a nice even tan to really bring out the definition.

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So, really look into some packages, like I said, a lot of gyms have it. The tanning, you will definitely notice the difference with your abs, everything is going to show more definition. Next I am going to go over self-tanner. That's the next video - if you don't want to go into a tanning bed.

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You don't need to go too much, you don't need to be dark red and burnt that is not really going to help you. It's going to be uncomfortable even to work out if you are burnt, which defeats the entire purpose of going tanning to bring out the definition if you are unable to work out. You are squirming on the bench because your back is fried.

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I have been using tanning beds since junior high.


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