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What I wanted to talk about today is carb cycling and cutting down on your dieting. I know a lot of guys will go into a diet. They will gung-ho with the protein carbs and keeping a journal keeping track of it and what happens is this: They get burnt out. Two weeks later they are back eating at McDonald's, eating junk food and because its tough to keep up with low carbs, high protein and not feel awful, irritable and just plain tired all the time when you are doing that.

Step 2

So, what I do when I diet down is I really want to bring out my abs and get lean, summertime and any time I am trying to look good, I want to carb cycle. And the reason I do this, it keeps my mood elevated. It keeps my energy elevated, and makes dieting more fun because I can eat, and I don't really incorporate cheat days, just higher carbs, any starchy carbs. If I am able to eat pasta, instead of just tuna all day, then I am a much happier person.

Step 3

So, what I do and start with 1 1/2 grams per pound of body weight, for carbs. And I do a three-day cycle and I just keep repeating that. So, day 1, is going to be your high carb day. So, let's say it equals out to 200 per day.

Step 4

You are going to eat 200 grams of carbs that day and then you are going to go down on day two, and you are going to eat half that. So, you are going to eat 100 grams of carbs per day. Day three is your really low carb day. These are the horrible days. You are going to cut that half again and you are going to eat 50 grams of carbs a day.

Step 5

The whole time you are doing this you are going to fluctuate your protein intake and your fat intake. What you are going to want to do is figure that into the equation as far as the higher carbs you eat. You don't need as much protein or fat. Day two you are going to need a little more protein and fat and day three you are going to need a lot of protein and a little bit of good fats, good fatty acids to basically counterbalance the calorie deficit you're reaching.

Step 6

So, I do a three day carb cycle, like I said. 200 grams on day one and this is based on one and a half grams per pound of body weight. So, this is a just generally speaking, so figure that out to what you weigh. So, 200 grams, then 100, and 50 if that is what it equals out to. So, you are just going to cut it in half.

Step 7

So, really what its going to do, its going to give you energy to work out. Its going to keep your body guessing, and your metabolism is not going to slow to a screeching halt because you are not eating carbs and all you are eating is protein and it is adjusting to that. Its just going to keep it off balance. Your metabolism is just going to keep going. Its going to keep you in a better mood.

Step 8

So, I always incorporate carb cycling. What you need to do is just test it for yourself depending on how carb sensitive you are. Me, personally, I can eat a lot of carbs and not put on too much fat. But, I don't eat a lot of fat with that. So, I am not too carb sensitive. Some people can eat carbs and they will blow up. They are very carb sensitive, so carbs put on weight. So, you really need to tweak it just come down and figure it out. If after a couple weeks you can see its burning a lot of fat. If its not, lower your carbs a little bit. You might be ingesting too many carbs. You might be carb sensitive, to where its not burning fat.

Step 9

You should be able to see results within 2 to 3 weeks to this. Really, good results to where you are feeling, just feel like your muscle are a lot tighter, your abs are starting to come out. Shoulder definition is starting to come out. So, just play with it. I always incorporate carb cycling like I said for the reasons: more energy for the workouts, you don't want to be dead during your workouts. It defeats the entire purpose. Better mood, I am in a horrible mood if I don't get to eat carbs. And its going to keep your metabolism guessing. So, give it a try. Any feedback, let me know. And just keep working with it. Tweak it to where it fits your body best.

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Test it out. What its going to do. It is going to stop a Plateau. Your body and the reason this works well is 1) you are able to eats carbs, so you are not as miserable from eating protein all day and no carbs. So, day one, you get to eat a lot of carbs. So, you are eating your baked potatoes, pasta, rice. Things are just going to put you in a better mood, give you more energy. Day two its going down a little bit. But day three you are really not eating hardly any carbs and then you are going to feel miserable. Then, day one again, the next day, you get to bounce back up and eat more carbs.

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