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Continuing our MMA series. Today I am going to discuss how to wrap your hands for MMA. And we are going to go through that real quick. What I have here is a little wrap and I am going to show you how to do it.

Step 2

Really, wrapping your hands is going to protect your wrist. It protects your knuckles so they don't break as easily break bones in your hand. So, its very important to know how to wrap your hand, or at least have somebody around you who knows wrap your hands.

Step 3

So, I am going to start and stand up so you can see. You put your thumb through the loop and you are going to wrap it around your wrists a couple times, so I would go three times around the wrists. Now after your have wrapped that around the wrists, so, you got it around the wrists, you are going to cross over the palm and then over like that.

Step 4

So, it should resemble that over the knuckles. So, you are going to go through and do that 3 to 4 times. And then what you want to do is get in between the fingers and then cross your wrists, and across the hand, come through, put it between the fingers and this is normally thinner, so it will work a little better. And you will go around.

Step 5

And you want to do that in between each your figures to get a little space. Sometimes you will see them put Q-tips in there to pad it, and get the space. So, when that's wrapped and all the knuckles are wrapped around, then you want to clasp it and you will have a good base for your wrists and again your knuckles will be covered.

Step 6

So, again take the loop, put it through and go three times around. Then bring it around and do this three times basically over and hand and then you want to go through and do each of the fingers and wrap your hands a little more times and tape it up.

Step 7

Basically, do this as tight enough so that its not cutting off the circulation, but you don't want to leave it loose basically because you want it tight to where its not too tight where you are cutting off circulation, but you don't want it loose to where its not going to protect your hand. So, make sure that feels comfortable when its done and that should get you started and you can use that on a heavy bag to where you are sparring, put the gloves over that, and that should protect your hand.

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Wrap your hands tight enough so that the tape is not cutting off the circulation, but you don't the tape to be loose.

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I have fought several times and had to wrap my own hands.


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