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Continuing our in MMA series. What we are gong to talk about today is conditioning as far as using the circuit to build up your conditioning. We have already went over training is for is inserted to build up your conditioning, strength, and kind of working it how the rounds work out just to get you the feel for the timing.

Step 2

Now we are going to get into real conditioning, as far as the sprinting. You are going to want to run, sprint, and do plyometrics, which is going to be huge for you. Jumping rope, getting your heart rate as high as you can for as long as possible to get yourself conditioned.

Step 3

The worst thing you can do is get into the ring, you know you are better than this person and you are whooping them for a round. Half way into the second round, now your arms feel tired. You are fatigued. He has outlasted you. He sees that you are fatigued, now he tries to attack. And you are not going to be as sharp. You want to be as sharp as possible. So, take all your skills and hone them. But also be conditioned because that could lose you the fight.

Step 4

So, you want to run. I would just get on a treadmill and run 30 minutes or an hour at a fast pace, something that will get your heart rate up. And I do that three days a week. Also I would do sprints two days a week. And you can do that with hundred meter dashes or 40-yard dashes. Basically just getting your heart rate up, with little rest in between because there is going to be little rest in the ring.

Step 5

So, you want to mimmick your training as much as possible. So, you are going to do the running and then you are going to do the sprints.

Step 6

Now plyometrics, you want to do box jumping for sure. You set up a box, say that is two feet off the ground. You are going to jump onto it, jump down. jump onto it, jump down. Do that for one and two minutes. Try to increase your time. Increase the number of jumps you are able to do during that time.

Step 7

And then you want to do jumps across the line, or bench jumps, if you have a bench set it up. Jump over the bench back and forth as many times as possible in a minute's span. Two minutes span. Always try to increase the time you are able to do and the number of jumps you are able to do.

Step 8

Really get your legs going, your calves, especially for MMA, you are throwing kicks, leg sweeps, you are doing single-leg takedowns, doing a lot of different things with your legs. This is going to get your heart rate up. This is going to get your legs burning and really build up speed, endurance, everything that you will need. So, plyometrics is going to be huge. So, definitely incorporate that in between your running as well as your sprinting and you should be in top shape when the fight comes around.

Step 9

You should be able to last through it all. You will probably still be fatigued, but it is better than getting knocked out.

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So, basically, do circuit training, the conditioning, look for a good school so you can always train, and we have also gone over how to wrap your hands so you don't shatter your wrists and we have also gone over how much you can expect to make if you start making it up the ranks.

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