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What I wanted to talk about today was calve exercises and how to build up your calves. For a person like me, I have smaller calves. Its a very detail oriented muscle group. You walk on your feet everyday. So, you are on your calves every day. So, its hard to build them up. You really have to force them to grow and get muscular because you are on them all the time. They are used to that. They are used to being walked on and running. Anything you do on your feet is going to develop your calves. So, you want to work out that muscle group once a week. Especially, if you have a hard time building your calves, which a lot of people do, its more of a genetic thing, where you have muscular calves or you don't.

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The good news is if you have smaller legs, smaller calves and they are hard to build up, you are able to do that. It is just going to take a lot of work. I personally lift calves three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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I switch out and how I do it is, I shock them. You want to do, maybe on Mondays, do heavy weights. Low reps, set of 4 sets, eight reps. Something like that, where you are going very heavy, stretching it, going all the way down with your calves and all the way up and holding it and flexing them. Really lower reps and higher weights to build them up.

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And then Wednesday, higher reps is what I will do to, four sets of 25.

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And really just burn them and on Friday what I will do is, when I lift Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, I will switch it up, just the exercises completely. Maybe use one leg at a time when I am doing the calve exercises.

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I will switch up the reps, is basically what I feel is what is going to build them up and works working for me. What you find is what works better for you. Heavier reps or the lighter reps. I like to do a mixture because I like to try and put on the mass and then cut them up a little bit. And I think just switching it up on my body works a lot better. So, its really what's working better for you.

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And also its a sore issue, especially for guys with smaller legs to want to wear shorts. Arnold Schwarzenegger had a big issue with it. If you have ever watched the movie "Pumping Iron". He basically started wearing shorts all the time to work out because he got made fun of for having smaller legs and such a big upper body. He was able to build his legs up. Like I said, it is going to take a lot of work and you are going to have to work on it. I did three days a week for calves definitely. They are just used to being walked on and used. So, its just going to take that extra force to really bring them out and bring them up.

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I have smaller calves and spend a lot of time building them up.


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