Buying Guide: How to Choose Dumbbells for Home Workouts

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Dumbbells are a basic necessity for your home gym or workout area.

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You can buy them two ways: in multiple dumbbell sets that include varying weights or in two-dumbbell sets with removable weight plates.

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You can also buy a single set of two with a fixed weight. That weight can vary from 1 pound to 200 pounds or more.

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Generally, serious lifters and bodybuilders prefer the cast iron sets with removable weight plates.

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Multiple dumbbell sets take up space and are preferred for resistance training and toning.

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Dumbbells with neoprene coating are easier to grip and won’t damage floors. Regardless, all grips should be textured.

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Dumbbells with hexagonal heads won’t roll away and are easier to store. If you buy a set with rounded heads, make sure they come with a storage rack.

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Depending on how you plan to use your dumbbells at home, expect to spend less than $10 or as much as $400.

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Beginning lifters need not buy the expensive brands. But, a more expensive set with a variety of weight plates will carry you through your entire fitness and exercise lifespan.

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Round dumbbells will roll. If you select that type, make sure they come with a storage rack.

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I have been working with dumbbells from my very first work out. They are an essential tool - especially in home gyms.

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