Buying Guide: How to Buy the Best Knee Sleeves and Wraps for Bodybuilding

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Knee support is important for weightlifting and general exercise. Knee wraps or "sleeve" can help you lift more weight for a longer period of time without worrying about injury.

Step 2

Wraps come on tape-like spools - generally with Velcro fasteners.

Step 3

Sleeves slip over your foot and will provide a similar type of support to your knee as a wrap.

Step 4

The price range of most knee wraps and sleeves is $12.99 to $34.99.

Step 5

Wraps allow greater flexibility, although they may be more difficult to handle and adjust.

Step 6

A few that do not have Velcro closings will need to be "tucked" in and could work loose during your exercise.

Step 7

Others have special support seams and fasteners embedded in the fabric.

Step 8

Is the wrap made of cotton or a stretchy man-made fabric? Stretchy fabrics offer greater support for a longer time and are easier to adjust.

Step 9

The width and length of a wrap is important. You need enough length to cover your knee cap entirely, as well as about 2-3 inches above and below your knee.

Step 10

Knee sleeves will provide the same type of support to your knee as a wrap. However, they may lose elasticity with prolonged use.

Step 11

A few styles of sleeves can be adjusted tighter.

Step 12

Whether you choose a sleeve or a wrap, make sure it is comfortable against your skin.

Step 13

Also, be sure the fabric is washable.

Step 14

Some wraps and sleeves come with instruction manuals or "tip sheets" for training.

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There are two types of knee wraps you can consider: wrap and sleeve. The price range of most knee wraps is around $34.99.

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When squatting a heavy amount of weight, it can be stressful on your joints, especially your knees. Once I was able to squat more than double my weight I noticed that my knees would start to feel old/weak. So I looked into some knee wraps.

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