How to Apply Weightlifting Chalk

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Step 1

Purchase weightlifting chalk from Amazon. We have provided links to different types of chalk available on Amazon below on this page.

Step 2

Weightlifting chalk can be bought as loose chalk powder, the liquid grip form and block and can be bought in bulk.

Step 3

Liquid grip chalk costs more money, but does not need to be re-applied as often.

Step 4

If you choose the block form of chalk, keep the block in a plastic container that is similar size to the block of chalk. This container will be used to keep the chalk firm.

Step 5

If you choose loose chalk, also keep it in a plastic container or durable zip lock bag.

Step 6

The container will also prevent you from leaving a mess around your gym.

Step 7

Pick up the chalk in one hand and rub it on your hands where your fingers meet your palms and middle of each finger. Also add a small amount of chalk in the middle of your palm.

Step 8

Then apply to other hand as well.

Step 9

Your two hand joints should be lightly covered with chalk, not completely white. If you use too much you will just be wasting it and making a mess.

Step 10

If you use too little chalk, just apply more.

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Find a container that is similar in size to prevent chalk from getting all over the gym. If you use too much chalk on your hands, you will just be wasting chalk and making a mess.

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No story. But you might find yourself in trouble with your gym manager if you leave lots of chalk on the floor and equipment.

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I use weightlifting chalk for all my heavy compound lifts, like bench, deadlift, military press, and shrugs. Chalk is a great alternative to straps, and allows you to lift/bare more weight because of the increased grip/friction on your hands.

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