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Indoor tanning has hit the scene and has risen in popularity over the past 20 years. Today, more guys tan indoors than ever. The Indoor tanning business is now a multi billion dollar industry. This has occurred despite the serious health risks involved which are caused by exposure to the UV rays which are present in traditional outdoor tanning and also with indoor tanning as well. However, about six years ago spray tanning emerged and since then has managed to build a large number of fans.

Step 2

Spray Tanning Benefits: The beauty of spray tanning is that it provides men with a greatly even tan without the exposure to UV rays which can ultimately lead to skin cancer. Presently, most decent tanning salons of any value contain a spray tanning booth. It is expected with its ongoing popularity that you would be most likely able to stroll in to just about any tanning salon and be able to buy a spray tan.

Step 3

How Spray Tanning Works: DHA: Spray tanning works by a specific mist that comes into contact with the skin. The most effect type of mist should contain the chemical, DHA. DHA stands for dihydroxyacetone. The purpose of this chemical is to break down and eliminate dead skin cells from your body. This apparently makes your skin appear golden brown which will look more natural. Having a natural tan will probably tend to not only look better but also allow you to give a better impression to girls.

Step 4

Oil vs. Water Mist The two mists of choice are usually oil-based mist or water-based mist. If you are a man with a history of oily or sensitive skin it is strongly recommended that you stick with the water based mist to avoid any skin irritation or break outs of pimples. Many tanning salons offer mist choices that contain different levels of darkening. If you have naturally fair colored skin then it is suggested not to take a high level of darkening because it may not suit you and therefore not look as pleasant as choosing with a lighter mist.

Step 5

Unlike other forms of tanning, spray tanning seems to always make your skin appear golden brown rather than the more fake look of orange guys fear. Your skin color is changed due to the chemical reaction that takes place. Smearing isn't an issue.

Step 6

Best for Fair Skin: Spray tanning seems to work extremely well providing even fair skinned guys with a genuine bronze look. Regular indoor tanning tends to turn the skin of fair skinned guys pink. In some severe cases they can possibly be mistaken for a lobster.

Step 7

Spray Tanning Brands: Mystic Tan and Fantasy Tan are two of the most well known brands of spray tanning. Fantasy Tan claims to last up to maximum of 10 days. Its competitor Mystic Tan has a maximum of only five days before you need another session.

Step 8

Moisturizer Prolongs Spray Tans: An effective way to prolong the results of spray tanning is to use moisturizer. Moisturizer is supposed to help you maintain your healthy, bronze look for up to five days. Without moisturizer, your tan will fade once the top layer of skin dies off. This is due to the DHA hitting only the top skin layer. So, basically, the results of your spray tan depend on the brand you use and whether or not you use moisturizer to slow down the skin dying process.

Step 9

Spray tanning definitely is worth trying. You cannot really go wrong because you get the more natural bronze look instead of an artificial orange tone. You also avoid the risk of the UV rays that a regular indoor tanning bed or traditional outdoor tanning give. If you plan on going to a party or showing up in the club within the next couple of days, you should definitely spray tan because the natural, healthy bronze look is would help tremendously in your chances of trying to get some alone time with a certain girl you've being eyeing lately.

Step 10

The two tanning lotions recommends are: Paint It Black 50X Auto-Darkening Dark Tanning Lotion | Supre Romp Aphrodisiac Indoor Tanning Lotion For Men

Step 11

Once you develop the kind of deep a tan girls think are hot, you can show off your tan by Creating a Profile on Campus Men. Just wear a tank top when you shoot your photo. You can also position the camera at a slight angle so your guns (arms) are fully visible in your photo. Remember, your tan is worthless if nobody sees it!

Step 12

If you are not a student, but know of a college student with a great tan, you can nominate him to become a Campus Man. Just go to our front page and click "Nominate a New Student to Become a Campus Man". The guy you nominate will be grateful someone "nominated" him because of his tan!

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