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Today, I really wanted to discuss the topic of leg training. Now, legs are often a very neglected body part and its really quite puzzling why that is.

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Now, for starters, legs generate hormones. Legs generate your natural growth hormone. When you train legs, that is producing your natural human growth hormone, which would be the same as taking HGH, but its natural. It is natural when you train legs. And what that means is, you will increase the fat-burning and increase your muscle mass. Your metabolism will speed up. Your sleeping pattern will better itself.

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All these things are factors when you train legs, specifically with squats and deadlifts, which are the two main core exercises. Deadlifts too, are more dedicated to the back, but also could be used to work the hamstring and quadricep muscles as well.

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I cannot understand at all why guys do not train legs. Quite frankly, I kind of find it sickening. I find it sickening, to be honest with you. I find it ridiculous. I find it stupid. I mean, you don't know how many times during the course of the day, or a week, that you talk to guys and overhear guys say, "Oh, you know I don't do legs. I don't train legs. There's just no point in training legs."

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Yes, there is a point in training legs. If you go on stage as a bodybuilder, and your legs are toothpick and your upper body is huge. You will lose. And you will also look like an idiot if you are a guy who just wants too look good if you are down at the beach, you have this monsterously ripped huge upper body, and you have chicken, toothpick, pinky legs.

Step 6

That is absolutely ridiculous. You must train them. Its just natural for body proportion. Now, wouldn't you want to dedicate just one day to leg training - to just put your physique over the top? Is that too much to ask to just generate one day? Just to dedicate one day to leg training. Is that too much to ask? I quite frankly think its not. I think its absolutely necessary.

Step 7

And if you don't like it, what I would tell most bodybuilders, is "Hey, suck it up. Its part of the job. Life is not all fun and games." You have to make sacrifices. Same thing in bodybuilding, Same thing in fitness modeling. Same thing if you are just trying to look good. If you are going to look gold, don't do it half-assed, do it correctly. There is no room for half-ass, because you are just going to get beat and you are going to be embarrassed. There is no room for that. You have to go everything. You have to go at everything with all your heart and all your dedication. Everything you got. That's how you have to do it.

Step 8

You cannot hold anything back. And that's where legs come into play - is that you cannot hold anything back. You have to go full steam ahead and have to train them. Suck it up. If you are going to puke when you squat, then dammit, bring a garbage pail to the gym and throw up in there. There is no excuse. Arnold squatted till he puked. Many guys do. I am not saying you have to do that, but if leg training makes you sick, if you cannot handle the conditioning of it, then you better handle it. You better get into shape. And that means do what you need to do.

Step 9

Bring a garbage pail to the gym, drink extra fluids to keep you hydrated. Because I know legs can be quite grueling and sometimes even more grueling than the upper body is.

Step 10

In fact, I think legs are more grueling because you know you are training them and you know they are not the prized package, eye-popping thing that ladies, women are going to see. Women - what are they going to see - your best, your arms, your abs. They are not going to know, necessarily, from just looking at you, if you have chicken legs unless you are wearing shorts or if you are wearing a bodybuilding posing strap. They are not going to know that.

Step 11

But never the less, you have to train them if you want to be considered a real contender in the gym, somebody who is real about lifting, somebody who is legit, then you better damn well train them. There is just no way around it.

Step 12

And plus, you would be benefitting yourself if you did because of the growth hormone. Because of the added benefits of HGH or just your natural growth hormone, which is the natural HGH, which is what I am talking about. Those benefits as well will do great, will pay great dividends in the long run. But, you have to do that!

Step 13

It has to be squats, lunges, leg extensions, leg presses, all the basics, Don't do any these fancy, crap things with these machines. Yeah, you can use machines for leg extensions, hamstring curls, but that is about it. Other than that, you are on your own. You are squatting, you are front squatting, you are regular squatting, back squatting, you are dead lifting that is what you need to do. That is what is going to give you that mass - give you the look of real power, instead of being just a skinny little pretty boy. And if that's what you want to be, then so be it, but if you want to step up and be a man, then you better damn well train legs. And I am not playing around. And if anybody who doesn't want to train legs, and thinks they are so tough, they have no idea.

Step 14

No tough guy goes without training legs. No true competitor in bodybuilding, nobody who is a real physical presence, or who just wants a legit physique ignores their legs. If they do, they are idiots, they are also cowards. And I dare anybody to challenge me on this. Once again, this is Franco from Remember, train your legs or else you will fail.

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Training your legs is part of progressing in muscle-building and very important.

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