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Right now, I wanted to discuss Nitric Oxide. Which is known as N.O. to most people and to people in the supplement world. Its know as N.O. Nitric Oxide is a free-forming gas that breaks down the amino acid of arginine. And what it does is, when you are working out, it delivers the nutrients you needed to your muscle when you get the so called "pump" that Arnold used to talk about so much in Pumping Iron and he made famous.

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To me, Nitric Oxide can be very beneficial. When you work out, what it is, is it stimulates the blood flow to the muscle and delivers the nutrients. And what it is is, its an immediate release right when you need it. So, in essence you are getting the materials and you are getting the nutrients you need, right when in the key moment and for anybody who works out, for consistent lifters, and bodybuilders, that's when you are in the gym, when you are pumping iron, and when you in fact, get "The pump." That's when you need it most.

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And it is shown over the coarse of time to increase vascularity and hypertrophy as well. And it also, in a sense, makes your workout a little more pleasurable because it is almost like an energy booster to your muscles. Its like the shock. And when you get that, it feels amazing. I would suggest taking it because you need that kind of pump to get you going. And why settle for a mediocre, average workout when you know adding this thing can up the ante, up the level to where you need to be.

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I suggest going out and buying Nitric Oxide, also known as N.O. Now, there are a few different products you can take: There's NO2, which is the tablet form. There is NO-Xplode, which had become very popular and that is a powder form, a pre-workout powder form. There is also a pre-workout that Gaspari Nutrition makes, called SuperPump 250. That one is also a Nitric Oxide and creatine product. And those are the three main ones that I know of. There is PumpTech, which Jay Cutler promotes because he promotes for MuscleTech. So, PumpTech is another version of N.O. that you can buy. That's the MuscleTech version.

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So, essentially, N.O. delivers nutrients to your body. It kind of when you are working out, it kind of delivers that extra amino acid, arginine. No, breaking down arginine is interesting because arginine is also a testosterone booster as well. And a lot of people use that when they are supplementing as an amino acid that would help boost up a little testosterone.

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So, in a sense, its like this whole bodybuilding machine working together, so to speak. Nitric Oxide is also an adrenaline booster as well. It helps get your adrenaline going. So, if you are not a big caffeine buff, which I know for me caffeine is good to a certain extent for pre-workout stimulant, and then afterwards, it dies. Or if caffeine has become simply ineffective for you, Nitric Oxide gets your adrenaline going for a long-term type deal. And it also, like I said, delivers the nutrients to your body. So, in a way, its two benefits in one type of chemical.

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Now, Nitric Oxide's main function is blood flow, and its the blood flow to your body in key moments that, the more blood flowing in your body, ultimately means the better circulation you have the better workout you are going to have. Get the blood flow going. An that's obviously what you want. When you warm up, you get the blood flow going. Any time you warm up in exercising. What that does, it keeps the blood flowing throughout the exercise and its like an energy booster within your body, breaking down arginine, breaking down amino acids to help give you that and sustain that throughout the course of your work out.

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Its a great product. And I recommend that you try it. You now, for me, I was on it in the past, too. I have taken it on and off. Its excellent. I'd rather have it than not have it, obviously. Because its that effective and it does work and it does help put muscle on your frame. It depends on you, obviously the better your recovery will be. Ultimately that means growth and that's exactly what you are always shooting for. Lean muscle growth. And why not add something that is going to give you that. Why not do that, people? Why not?

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Nitric Oxide is a great benefit to your workout if you go out and you add Nitric Oxide and remember, there's NO2. There is NO-Xplode. There's SuperPump 250, there's Cynergy from BSN Nutrition, there is PumpTech from Muscletech, so you have your share, just go to GNC, Go to VitaminShoppe, Go tot VitaminWorld or go wherever it is that you go, and you get some, because I recommend it strongly and I am pretty dog gone sure that its going to help you. Take care, people.

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