How to Supplement with HMB to Build Lean Muscle

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HMB is a metabolite of the branched chain amino acid, Leucine. A metabolite is an intermediate product of the metabolism process. So, when Leucine is consumed, the body is going to break down the Leucine to the intermediate metabolite, HMB. Leucine is recognized as the most important amino acid when it comes to maintaining and building lean muscle tissue. This is a very effective supplement to take to build and maintain lean mass.

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This supplement is effective when trying to bulk, to help put on lean muscle mass, or when trying to cut, to help preserve lean muscle mass when consuming a lower calorie intake. HMB is safe and effective for both male and females. HMB is for anyone, from someone just starting to workout all the way to bodybuilding athletes.

Step 3

HMB is naturally produced in the body, but in very small amounts, about .25 grams a day. Because of the positive muscle building effects, many HMB supplements will recommend consuming about 3 grams a day. HMB is meant to be taken with food, doses should be spread evenly throughout the day. HMB can also be effective when taken before, during, and/or after workouts. As always, follow the instructions on the label of any supplement product.

Step 4

Remember, HMB is for people who workout. Whether it be running, lifting weights, resistance training or any other form of exercise, HMB can be effective for you. However, if you do not exercise often, HMB will most likely provide zero noticeable effects towards gains in lean muscle mass.

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I've been using HMB for almost a year now, I dont typically use it year round (although very effective) I always use it during spring and summer when I'm consuming less calories to help build muscle while preventing the breakdown of muscle tissue.

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