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What I wanted to talk about today is two types of protein: Whey protein and Casein protein. Now if you flip through the pages of Muscle and Fitness, and Flex Magazine you are going to see a lot of ads for Whey protein and Casein protein. What I wanted to go over is, what is the best time to take either one. And there are specific times you should take them.

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Basically, when you first wake up, you are going to want to drink a whey protein shake. Your muscles are a bit starved throughout the night. They are going to need something quick. The whey protein is going to hit them and replenish them.

Step 3

Now, before you work out, I take whey protein with apple juice. The reason I add apple juice is for simple sugar, carbs, which help you through the workout. Most whey proteins are going to have one or two carbs per serving. You are going to need more energy than that to go through a workout.

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And then immediately following a workout, I will take a whey protein shake that's going to help me replenish my muscles. Basically help them recover a lot quicker. Just giving them nutrients right after. The whey protein is going to go straight to that. Whey protein, like I said, is the fastest acting protein. So, its best to take it early in the morning so you get it to your muscles quickest, right before working out, so it helps you through the work out.

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Again, I take it with the apple juice, just simple sugar, simple carbs, to boost me through and then after working out I also take whey protein. And sometimes I will mix it with apple juice after working out. Sometimes I'll just use water - depending on if I am trying to lean down or bulk up and how many calories I am actually trying to cut at that time.

Step 6

Casein protein, now this is a protein that is a little more expensive than whey, but you don't need to take it as much.

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I take Casein protein right before I go to sleep. And the reason I do that its slower digesting, which means you body is going to break it down slower. And it usually lasts around five-seven hours when you are going to sleep. So, if you take it right before bed, 5-7 hours in, your body is still breaking down the protein and it is feeding your muscles protein. Whey protein, if you take it, your body is going to break it down 30-60 minutes, so its not going to last you throughout the night. So, you body is going to go in kind of a starving mode, to where it can use so nutrients and protein. So, that's why I take casein protein right before bed.

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Take whey protein first thing in the morning right when you wake up. Whey protein with apple juice right before you work out. Whey protein with water or apple juice after you work out. And then I take a casein protein right before bed. That's it for today. I hope to see you next time.

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