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What I wanted to go over today is how to avoid talking people too long in the gym. Its a personal pet peeve of mine. Especially in college, you go to the gym, you see some buddies you want to talk to. It really just kills the work out. You might be there two hours but you are really only getting 15 minutes of real lifting in because people continue to talk you. So, I wanted to go over a couple ways to avoid that. Why its important for your workout.

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You should only be in the gym for 45 minutes to an hour working out a body part. I mean really after that you are just spending too much time there. If you really go at it 45 minutes to an hour of hard lifting straight, without any interruption is really your best bet. You are going to get the best workout and the best results.

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So, some ways to avoid people who want to talk to you. The first thing I did is just I have an iPod and put headphones on. Put the headphones on, people are not as inclined to come up and talk to you during lifting. I think it works great, really lift up the headphones and say a couple words if they are really dead set on talking to you.

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But, again, you want to go back to your work out. The more you rest in between, the less your heart rate is going down, you burn less fat. You are not able to get the same results. So, really you just want to keep moving on with your work out. Its good to just bee-line it to the drinking fountain. I got to grab a drink, I will catch up with you in a minute. Grab a drink, go back to working out.

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It sounds a little cold, but this is really going to stunt your growth. Its going to stunt weight loss, its going to stunt everything you are going out for, strength, everything just from people talking to you, its a common thing, especially in college, so many people they are all in your age range in the gym.

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So, headphones is the number one thing. Its just easy. Just going to the drinking fountain, say I cannot talk, go forward. Thirty seconds turns into 5 minutes, turns into 10 minutes, then you go back after a set, talk to that person or persons again and it really just adds up. Next thing you know you have been in the gym two hours and you only got for 20 minutes of training and that's in between two hours that you were there.

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And its really not beneficial, you are wasting time to go home have a protein shake, really let the muscles heal because within 30 minutes of lifting your body really needs the protein, so you want to get a good hard workout in, and go home and then just replenish your body as soon as possible.

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Chitchatting, spend extra time in the gym is really not going to help you out. Those are my tips, it is just a pet peeve of mine. I thought I would bring it up, a lot of people do have problems with it, I know it bothered me for a little bit as far as I was really interrupting my workouts. The second I went with the headphones, and just started cutting down on it, I was in the gym less and I was getting better results, which is what everyone wants.

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I know interruptions in the gym bothered me for a little bit as far as I was really interrupting my workouts.


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