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I wanted to go over the supplement part of it. I went over a few things in the last video: make sure you are lean, you are reducing your sodium intake. Also, if you drink grape juice, its going to bring out sugar, that will bring out your veins a little more if you are trying to get really vascular at a certain point of time.

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Another thing is the supplements. You are going to see these everywhere. These are Nitrix, BSN is a really popular brand, one of the most popular for this. What it does and what it says it does is gives you size, strength, vascularity, pumps and recovery. What you are going to notice from taking this is, I have used this before - You are going to notice a really good pump, your veins are going to pop out more than normal, You are going to feel really... You normally get a pump after working out. With this, it lasts much, much longer. You feel just a really good pump. And it really does motivate you to work out more and with getting vascular, you are going to see your veins come out more.

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You want to get a controlled release, basically Nitrix has that, but its a volumizer. It dilates your blood vessels, You are going to feel bigger with it. So, look for a supplement that says timed release, because the stuff goes really, really fast. So, if you are taking it and you take a day off from it, you can almost feel from taking a day off. You want it to last throughout the day. You want to feel the pump throughout the day. You want timed-release.

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This brand does work really well and I have tried on others that work well. Muscletech is a good one that is out. But it is expensive. Also, Pinnacle has a brand that is out that is not bad. Either, again, look at the amount you are getting. This depends on your weight, so on this one, if you are under 200 pounds, you take three tablets three times per day. If you are over 200 pounds, you take 4 tablets three times per day. So, you can see a bottle doesn't go very far. So, you can go through these pretty quick. I would not stay on them for more than two months at a time.

Step 5

And you should see some gains from it, especially from feeling a lot better. You are probably going to go to the gym more. And you are going to look a lot better definitely when you are done working out longer. You are going to keep the pump longer and become more vascular so you can definitely notice the difference in that. These can get expensive, especially from the amount you are taking. So, make sure you are getting the timed-release capsules.

Step 6

Also, there are powders out. NO-Xplode, which is also by BSN, take it before you work out. And there is Cell-Mass, which you take afterwards. And there are a lot of powders out there with this.

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I recommend the pills. Just because its just concentrated. With the powder, you have to take a lot more and I don't think it works as well as the pills. So, try both to see what you like. I do take NO-Xplode sometimes before I work out and it does work, but I think the pills just have more dramatic effect for just holding on and becoming more vascular.

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When did you first do this & how did you get started?

I have tried all these brands, but I prefer the pills over powders.


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