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Continuing our MMA series, What I wanted to go over is the top you three schools that have sought out online. So, basically, I found the top three schools or three really good schools. I guess it is all up for debate or what the best schools are and then I am going to go over some things you should look for in a school. Basically MMA has become so popular lately that a lot of people are looking for a place to train.

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If you have seen or heard of Royce Grace, he is one of the best grapplers in the world. He has his 10 locations spread across Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island. Basically its for all individuals at a variety of still levels. So, if you are just starting out, this is perfect for you. Private lessons are $99 a session, you you want to look that up and find out where those are located. If they are located close to you.

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There is also Team Qwest Martial Arts and fitness basically owned by pride welterweight Dan Henderson. Team quest martial arts is located in Portland, Oregon and provides training for individuals starting at age four. It has kickboxing, submission and grappling sessions available. Basically, so if you want to look into that. That is in Portland, Oregon. I am sure a lot of your are familiar with Dan Henderson.

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And I have another one American Top Team is located in Coconut Creek, Florida. One of the nation's largest known MMA Academies. Students from ATT are exposed to a variety of competition environments. There is UFC Pride, K1, Judo, Bodog Fight, IFL, Elite XC, AFC, Naga, basically everything trains here. There are courses for children Brazillian Jit-su Boxing a variety of MMA classes.

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There is also a corporate membership plan. So, if a lot of your employees, if you own a business, want to do something like this, get into shape, train to be MMA fighters. It is a great way to get into shape. It is brutal as far as burning calories and really just using a lot of energy in a short amount of time.

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What you want to look for in an MMA school is your skill level. You don't want to try to join a school that doesn't offer training for beginners. So, you do not want to get in over your head. To where you are getting knocked out every night. So, basically look for a school if you are a beginner if you are intermediate maybe look for a school that is not just training beginners. Do a little research on it.

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Go sit in and audit a class. Just sit in and watch a class. You do not have to participate to see if that's your style or if you could learn something from it.

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Make sure you can afford it. That is always a big deal.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Look for schools in your area that fit your needs. Are they going to have classes when you're available or you are going to be, have enough time to put into it and really go from there and make sure if it fits your skill level and have fun.

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