How to Do an Arm and Back Workout for Spring Break

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Step 1

We are continuing our spring break workout. Its the last of the lifting session. Its going to be back and biceps. You are going to finish with back and biceps. You are going to start with a pull downs. I like to start with this and bring the bar down. Always bring it in the front. It is better for your neck and your back. So, you want to start with overhead pulldowns and just bring it down, right there.

Step 2

You are going to continue with the three sets, 10-12 reps and again, little rest in between to really burn the fat and bring out the definition.

Step 3

And the next exercise you are going to do is bicep curls with dumbbells. And you can do these seated or standing up. I prefer to alternate week in and week out. If I am sitting down, I like to have a little incline. That way, I can't really cheat swinging my body. You will get a little more isolation. And you will probably have to lower your weight, then do the standing up ones. Standing up bicep curls, you can probably go a little heavier because you are going to use your body a little bit. Try to cheat as little as possible. So, that is going to be your second exercise again and 10-12 reps and three sets and that's for each arm.

Step 4

Next you are going to want to do rows. How you are going to do the rows is really get a good stretch. You are going to have it with the V-bar. And you are going to pull forward, and bring it back and then bring it in. And go all the way forward. What that is going to do is stretch out the lats and bring it in. So, its just going to give you a stretch and feel different if you are used to just sitting and doing it then when you go forward, because you are going to get a whole different stretch. I find it works a lot better and get a really good stretch, really good burn with it. And you are going to want to do three sets of that, 10-12 reps again.

Step 5

Then we are going to want to go into another bicep exercise. You want to do preacher curls with preacher bar and you do three sets of that, 10-12 reps, 30-45 seconds rest in between sets.

Step 6

Then, we are going to move onto the final back exercise. And that is going to be the dumbbell rows. You are going to lean over and you can do one arm at a time or you can put your chest on an incline bench, forward bring it up, and you want to do two arms at a time if you're leaning forward on the bench. Otherwise, if you are bent over with your hand on a flat bench, you want to do the dumbbells and bring it up. Make sure you are really feeling it in your back and go slow and make sure you really squeeze and bringing it all the way up. Pause for a second at the top and then bring it back down.

Step 7

Then we are going to go into the last exercise for your biceps. And that's going to be low cables. And your are going to want to stand sideways and bring it up here. So, you want to stand in front of the cables and have it and just bring it up, to there. You are going to feel the burn, and its going to keep constant tension on the muscle. So, its going to give it a real good burn. You are going to do three sets, make sure you are altering sides either on the other side of the cables or turn all the way around. And you can use the same cable for the other arm. Make sure the cable is in front of you. And you are using your bicep and not pulling forward with your shoulder. And you are going to want to do three sets of that.

Step 8

Now that's pretty much concludes the spring break workout. Its simple. You are only lifting weights three days a week. Its is really to build a little bit of muscle. But all the cardio, the ab workouts, what that is doing, its really burning the fat, bringing out definition. You should notice a real difference in the overall muscularity and really start seeing details you haven't seen before.

Step 9

And last thing that looks like I forgot but I do calf workout. Basically throughout the week if my calves aren't sore, I will not do it 2 days in a row, but usually every other day, I'll throw in a calve workout do three sets and just alternate the exercises that you can. Standing calves raises, seated calve raises. Even, I will get on the leg press and do calve raises that way. That works really well.

Step 10

So, I will just alternate it. Calves are really hard. You walk on them all the time. So, I don't really throw it in just with legs. I throw it in on maybe chest day, or you can throw it in on back day to really build them up. I have a hard time building up my calves, so I work them out as much as possible. Asnd that concludes the workout for spring break so have a good time and I hope you look your best.

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