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Basically, if you saw the last series, it was a college football workout series for the off season. What I am going to get into now, because we are coming close that time: spring break time, whether you are in high school, college even if you're out of college, still want to, Spring Time comes and you have dealt with Winter. Now you want to get away, so you are going to take a vacation. Maybe you have been working out the whole time, maybe you haven't. If you Haven't, now is the time to start so when spring break comes, you are ready to go, you are ready to take the vacation and look your best on the beach.

Step 2

So, basically, what we are going to get into is how you are going to look your best on the beach. If you haven't been working out - or if you have, I am going to give you a program in detail through that.

Step 3

Basically, to lean up your body. Girls don't care if you can bench press 400 pounds on the beach. They don't care if you can do 10 pounds on the beach. If you look great. So, what they are looking for is somebody who looks great on the beach and who is confident.

Step 4

So, we are going to go into a work out that is going to lean you up. So, you want to start now so spring break comes, you are ready to go. The first you ant to do is start working out if you are not working out. You are probably want to add some cardio in to burn some of that fat from the basically the holidays. Thanksgiving was a little bit ago and now Christmas is just passing by. Too many cookies if you are like me.

Step 5

So, now its time to really buckle down and get ready for spring break so you can look your best and impress the ladies on the beach.

Step 6

So, the first thing is if you are not doing cardio, start. So, I am going to tell you the type of cardio to do. Now you don't have to be on the treadmill for ages. Its really how you use the treadmill. I would do three times a week: Like a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or switch it up.

Step 7

Going from there, if you are burning a lot of fat, and you are starting to trim up and starting to look good, don't increase it.

Step 8

If you don't notice a big difference, then go to four days per week, again if you don't notice a difference, go to 5 days per week. If you do that and you notice you are getting a little too small, and too skinny and you see ribs now, scale it back down to 4 days per week.

Step 9

And really what you want to do, if you are on a treadmill, or if you are outside, I do interval cardio. First of all, it makes it more interesting. Second, you get more bang for your buck. It just works faster, which I... I really dislike cardio but its a necessary evil. So, basically you're - I do it in three minute intervals. Is how I do it. Two minutes in a fast-paced walk, and then one minute of a fast-paced jog or close to a Sprint. You can do this on a treadmill or you can do this outside - just have a timer with you.

Step 10

So, I would start out with 21 minutes of cardio. That's seven different intervals in the interval cardio, So, 2 minutes you are doing a fast-paced walk, and then for one minute you are doing close to sprint, then you are going back to the two minute fast-paced walk, then a sprint and you do that seven different times for 21 total minutes of cardio.

Step 11

And if you do that for the first week, check out your results. If you think you need more cardio, add another interval to it, and do 24 minutes and go from there. Again, if that's not working, add another day. Really you are the best assessor of your own body so really take a look in the mirror, see if its changing. Give it a little time, don't jump the gun too quick, but really go through and see if its effecting it.

Step 12

That's the cardio for your spring break work out. You are going to want to start that and slim down. The name of the game is to really to show lean muscle mass. Girls don't want to see 30-inch biceps and a fat gut to go with it. They just want to see a six-pack and a decent-looking body on the beach. We will get into a basic work out aspect of it more. Just getting into the cardio now so its a great way to start.

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Be sure to buy a timer for this and limit your rest for any - other - muscle building workouts to 30-45 seconds.

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