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Continuing our baseball workout series today we are going to go over some speed training drills to really get you from a start to stop standpoint. All you need is a field or track, preferably a field since you are going to be either on dirt or grass if you are in the outfield, doing a lot of sprinting techniques.

Step 2

But, you want to measure out the 90 feet from base to base and you are going to start at a dead stop, but you are going to start at a batting stance to start it off. Take a pretend swing and then take your first step and that's when you are going to time it and sprint full speed. You can run past the marker to simulate first base.

Step 3

The next thing you want to do is sprint, set up another 90 feet and sprint from A to B, and at stopping at B, which will be considered second base and you go all the way around. So, you want to do that. I like to simulate the full swing and then taking the first step. A lot of times that's the hardest thing to get going is the first step after a swing. That's where you are going to generate a lot of your speed to get a full follow-through and then you are taking your first step and really trying to accelerate and get low and push through to get to the first base marker. So, its going to be a lot of start and stopping speed.

Step 4

You want to do that and set that up. Also set up 90, your 90 feet perimeter and you are going to do a sprint to there. Stop right on the line, turn, take a second or 2 seconds and do it again and try and stop as close to the line as possible. Its really going to help you with the start and the stop to generate as much speed without slowing down 10 feet before the base. So, you get caught by the catcher with a throw. You don't want to teach yourself to slow down before line. You want to teach yourself to get there and stop as soon as possible. Again, you are going to sliding in those situations. But the start and stoping is also going to help you from getting out from home plate when you hit the ball.

Step 5

Also this type of sprinting is going to help you in the outfield if you are doing a lot of sprinting for balls. That's going to be able to help you out. That's going to help you build some speed.

Step 6

Also a great thing is pool sprinting. If you have access to a pool. To start in one end. Lift your knees up high, run as fast as you can, a steady pace to the other end. Its gonna build a lot of, there's a lot of resistance in the water, so its really going to build your muscles for sprinting. So, do that and that should work really well. Now that's going to help you with speed.

Step 7

We have the lower body workout, the upper body workout. Next, we are going to go over a couple exercises for swinging the bat. How to generate a little more power and little things you can do. So, that's going to be the last part of the series. And that's the next video.

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Don't teach yourself to slow down before line so, you get caught by the catcher with a throw.

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