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Step 1

We are in our Spring Break training right now. So, if you watched the last episode, basically I was talking about start doing cardio, do the interval training, start melting away the fat from the winter months and get ready for the beach.

Step 2

So, what I am going to get into today is some ab training to go with the cardio training. And you want to do this three days a week, so if you are running Monday Wednesday Friday, before you start the run on the treadmill or outside, you are going to want to do some ab training. I like to do ab training on different days then I work out. To be honest, I'm done working out. The last thing I want to do is some ab training. I am tired, I'm ready to go home.

Step 3

So, I do ab training before I get on the treadmill. It really just energizes me, it helps get the blood flow a little bit before I am on the treadmill. So, Monday Wednesday Friday you are going to do your ab training. Stretch out your abs, give yourself a break on Tuesday and Thursday, and you have the weekend as well, Saturday and Sunday to rest your abs. You are going to be sore at first.

Step 4

First trick I do when I do ab training: I don't count reps. I never count reps. Basically if you set a goal to get to 100 sit-ups, you are going to get to 100 and think you are done. What I do is I get on a decline bench, put my legs up, I grab ahold of a weight, either 25 pound, 35 pound, 45 pound weight. I hold the weight here and I lean back. I pop myself up. On the way up, I twist one way, then go back down, twist the other way. I basically do that until I can't do anymore with the weight. And when I am done using the weight, and I cannot do anymore, I drop the weight. And then I will just keep going. I drop the weight, I keep going. And I don't count reps, I just do as many as I can until I cannot do anymore.

Step 5

I get off the decline and basically give myself 30 seconds to rest it. Get back on without a weight, or you can put a weight back on if you want and do it again. What its going to do is, the weight is going to etch deeper lines in your abdomen and its going to burn you out quicker.

Step 6

If you can do 200 crunches or 200 of these decline sit-ups, you are going to become bored. You put on a 45 pound weight, now you can only do 15 with the weight. Drop the weight, its just going to make the workout go quicker and its more effective.

Step 7

So, you are going to get back on, you are going to do three sets of this. And you should be burned out at this point. But you should do three sets. And then you are going to do hanging leg raises and you can do it with your legs straight out, which is more difficult, and raise them up, make sure you get a good burn.

Step 8

Or you can do it, just knee-ups. Hanging knee-ups if you want to do that. Again, three sets. Do not count reps, just do as many as possible, your abs should already be on fire at this point.

Step 9

So, you shouldn't have to do too many to really burn it out. You are going to do this three days a week. So, right now, you have cardio and you have ab training to work on for spring break and what I am going to get into next is a workout program to get you ready for spring break. We are going to work on building lean muscle and really just showing definition and getting that.

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Do not count reps while doing these exercises. Just do as many as you can.

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