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Step 1

Today we are going to go over training for MMA. Some weightlifting things, what I think is a great way to build up strength as well as get your conditioning going and you have a lot of room to choose what you want to do.

Step 2

First in when we train for MMA, I would choose to do compound exercises: deadlifts, squats, benches, shoulder presses, where you are moving a lot of things. Because, you know, when you are in the ring, and you are grappling, you are fighting, throwing punches, you are kicking. You are using your whole body, using all your muscles, using your balance and everything with it. So, the squats the bench presses are going to use more than one muscle group, which is going to help you out.

Step 3

So, first thing I do is, suggest to do compound exercises over say, just isolated bicep curls. Although bicep curls are good if you want to do that, just make sure you are getting all your compound exercises in. The first thing I would do is do what's called circuit training and say you are for whatever association you are with say you there is three rounds, five minute rounds a piece.

Step 4

I would tailor my training around that, where its five minutes straight of going through your circuits. So, you come up with all the exercises you want to do. You just keep going and say you want to do five exercises bench press, shoulder press, squats, leg curls, leg extensions, you just want to go through that.

Step 5

Say that's your first workout. Just as an example, you are are going to go through and do that. If you finish, come back around, go through it again and do it. And maybe you want to do one set of ten, two sets of ten, till you get to the next exercise, maybe you want to do three sets of five, then go to the next exercise.

Step 6

Maybe you want to do one set of each, then start over, one set of each and continue to do that for five minutes. After five minutes, if your association that you are going to be working with, say its three five minute rounds, in between rounds, you get a one minute break. Take a one minute break in between going through and doing your circuit again.

Step 7

Basically, its going to simulate the timing and some of the conditioning that is going to happen in the ring. If you want to ramp it up a bit and do say 6-7 minutes of the circuit training, and then only take a 30-second break to really kick into high gear, so when you're in the ring, when you do get that minute break it seems like its a little longer than normal because you have only been resting for 30 seconds in between. So, there is a lot of variation to do it with.

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I definitely recommend circuit training because its going to get your heart rate up. Its also going to get your strength up. I also recommend doing compound exercises, just because its going to use more muscles than isolating a certain muscle group and especially mimicking things that are going to happen in the ring, you will be using all your muscles at once for a lot of things. So, that is one way to get started for training for MMA.

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