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Today, I am going to go over self tanning. So, you have Mystic Tan, which can be pretty expensive if you're going to do that. You also have the self-tanners you can buy at stores, Target, Walmart. Pretty much any store has it now.

Step 2

In the last video I went over tanning beds, so if you're opposed to tanning beds, you don't want the health risks involved, but you still want to show definition, make yourself look better, then you want to get self-tanner. I have some with me here. This is actually what I use. Right now I use this about once a week. Its L'Oreal Sublime Bronze self tanning lotion, also have some sunscreen, so that's good. The Neutrogena Foam.

Step 3

The plus is its really easy to put on. You just put it on after taking a shower. Make sure you let it dry. Don't put any clothes over it for a little bit. And you'll notice, you'll start getting tan with it. You have to apply, depending on how fast it comes off, if you are doing a lot of physical activity, it comes off a lot quicker.

Step 4

Basically, you buy the one you want. This is a light medium. You can get medium, medium dark - different colors for how dark of a tan you are doing.

Step 5

If you are competing in any type of bodybuilding or Pro Figure Show, you want to get what's called Pro Tan, or a tanner that's made for shows. It's unbelievably dark, looks really really fake and you are going to look ridiculous, but it will bring out the best definition. So, you want to go with that.

Step 6

If you just want to look normal if you're going out, to the beach, I would use this stuff, you are going to get tan, it has sunscreen in it. So, its going to protect you from getting burnt.

Step 7

I like the L'Oreal or the Neutrogena. Just watch your stuff because it does become messy at some point. But this should really bring out definition. It is a good way to get yourself tan without paying for a tanning bed. These bottles are like $7-10 a piece and can last a month or two depending how often you are using them.

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Basically it gets on your clothes, which does wash off and get all over your bed if you're sleeping, so try an get a good brand and try it out just to see how easily it comes off.

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I have been using L'Oreal or the Neutrogena for a long time.


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