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Do not assume that just because the glove is big that it is a softball glove, baseball outfielder's gloves look very similar to softball gloves in terms of how large they are. Generally if the gloves is small and cannot fit a softball inside of it where you can squeeze it with certainty that it won't fall out, then it is probably a baseball glove.

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In most cases the signs will be visibly obvious, most gloves will have keywords like 'fastpitch' 'softball' or 'baseball' on the outside to eliminate any confusion as to what sport that particular glove is made for. If the glove you has says 'fastpitch' then it is for softball, and if it says 'baseball' then of course it is meant for baseball, glove companies have learned to make the selection of gloves for baseball and softball very easy to manage for the consumer.

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If someone still cannot tell the difference between softball and baseball gloves then look for the numbers. Baseball players tend to use gloves that are between 10 to 12.75", this is mainly because the baseball is smaller so the glove does not need to be as big. Now softball gloves on the other hand are anywhere from 11.5 to 15", but usually more than 11.5 because the bigger the glove the more security in catching the ball. In the end telling a baseball glove from a softball glove is not very hard because glove companies have tried to eliminate the confusion but making it very clear to the consumer base.

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The biggest mistake one could make is to not ask whether or not their glove is meant for baseball or softball, both sports are a game of angles where every inch matter when the game is on the line. By short changing your glove you end up short changing yourself.

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In high school my team practiced a lot with the JV, many of them were very inexperienced ball players and did not always use equipment in the proper manner. I can remember one instance when one of the new JV players came to practice and everyone on the varsity squad was looking at his glove because something about it just was not right. After going through stretching and throwing I walked over to my teammate and asked to see his glove, him being a new guy he was very anxious to show me his glove and handed it right over. Upon further examination of his glove I soon realized that he must not have realized that instead of buying a softball mitt, he must have traveled into the wrong section and purchases a softball glove. I told him right away that it was a softball glove and to not use it anymore that day because he should return it in a decent shape, after his initial embarrassment I let him use one of my extra gloves and I helped him choose a new glove later that day for the right sport.

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I have always loved baseball gloves and I have purchased many of them over the years, I can easily spot gloves meant for certain positions or age groups at the drop of a hat; and I can certainly spot a baseball glove from a softball one just as easy.

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