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There are many different website to choose from and style as well, but you need to determine how much you will be spending on each hat or whether or not you can get them in bulk at a cheaper price. Many websites will give a discount on hats if you buy more than 10, so try to find a website that will give you a flat rate on a set number of hats.

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Depending on whether or not you are using a hat with a custom logo or lettering it may cost you more than a hat with an already established logo which would be free. Some websites will charge more for custom logos or lettering but they key is to research through multiple websites and find the cheapest prices. Most times if you are buying in bulk they will work with you to find a manageable cost.

Step 3

The last step is to create the type of hat you are looking for, most of the websites that sell hats have generators where you can design and view the hat that you want, also they give the exact price each hat will cost or how much each hat will be in terms of how many you want to order. In most cases customized hats will cost each player on the team $20 when you buy them in bulk.

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Do not make a quick decision on what one website offers, research a wide variety of cap website to determine the best prices and style of hats before making a decision.

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With my dad being a coach in the Columbus, Ohio area for around 25 years I have been able to experience many conversations between my father and vendors of hats and uniforms. I was fortunate enough to play under my dad for 4 years while in high school.

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I have always been interested in baseball and I became even more interested my sophomore year in high school when my dad asked me to help him out in deciding which type of hat we would be using for that upcoming year. Ever since then I have been an enthusiast on hat styles and brands that are the most popular for teams from year to year.

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