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First you want to start compiling a list of perspective college that you might like to attend, but also do not dismiss the schools that have already contacted you because those could come in handy if the coaches from the schools that you want to attend do not come calling. Make sure that you get into contact with all of the coaches either by phone, email or filling out questionnaires, you cannot get recruited by these schools if they do not know who you are.

Step 2

Next you want to attend as many camps,clinics and showcases as you possibly can, these events usually will have a lot of pro scouts and college coaches trying to fill their rosters with talent. The showcase circuit is usually one of the most important factors in either getting recruited by a school or not, by performing well at these showcases you can instantly turn yourself from an un-recruited high school talent to a heavily touted recruit.

Step 3

Assuming you have already contacted coaches and gained their interest through showcases, narrow your list down then email coaches both your summer league schedule and high school schedule so that they can see you in real game action. Coaches can evaluate a lot during a showcase atmosphere but they cannot evaluate how you react to certain situations in a real game. Make sure to highlight games against the best competition you possibly can, coaches want to see you play against the best of the best because this is the only way they can see how your talent will transfer to a higher level.

Step 4

The on the field aspect although very important, it is not the only factor that plays into getting coaches to notice and recruit you. Grades and test scores play a vital role because if you do not have the proper grades or test scores for a particular school, many coaches will simply not waste the time recruited you because you most likely won't be accepted into the school anyhow. If your grades and test scores are up to par with the standards of the NCAA then you need to register with the NCAA Clearing house so that they can verify your eligibility.

Step 5

The last and final step is to choose which school is right for you based on the interest levels of the coaches. Some might want you to go through a walk- on tryout to further evaluate your skills further and some might have offered you a spot on the team. As a walk-on you will undoubtedly be fighting an uphill battle to make the team because very few usually make the team, if you want a guaranteed spot on the team only consider the schools for which you have offers. At the end of the day many factors will come to play in the final step of the recruiting process such as the colleges proximity to home, level of competition(D1,D2,D3,NAIA,JUCO), playing time and the academics of the college or university. Many factors must be taken into account but ultimately the decision is yours and yours alone, so make the choice that feels like the best for you.

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Getting noticed is probably the hardest part of this whole process, but once coaches start noticing you make sure that you do everything in your power to keep their attention of you and your talents.

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During my four years of high school I established myself as one of the best players in the area through showcases, summer ball and school ball. However entering my senior season I was still not being heavily recruited by many schools but I remained optimistic and instead of losing confidence that more school would not come after me, I decided to play the roll of recruiter and started selling myself to schools by emailing coaches, visiting the schools and talking to the coaches after or before games. I was fortunate enough to find a school that was willing to give me a chance and by the end of my senior year I had chosen my school and earn a spot of the team during the fall. No matter how many schools are recruiting you or not, there will always be an opportunity somewhere if you look for it.

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Being the type of player that I was in high school I automatically thought that some school out there would see me and show me enough interest that they would offer me a scholarship and on spot on their team so each year I waited for the offers to come rolling in, but I soon found out that waiting for something good to come around is not always the best route to take. I started rather late in my process of finding the right school for me, but the best advice I can give is to start as soon as your sophomore year to get into contact with coaches but no later than the fall of your junior year. The sooner you start getting the attention of coaches, the more they will be able to see of you and evaluate your skill sets to see if they fit their respective teams.

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