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First you want to decide how much you are willing to spend on a pair of stirrups, since they are not in great demand like they once were 20 years ago they will be slightly more expensive since they are now considered "specialty." This is important because you will usually want to purchase 2 to 3 pairs of them to deal with the wear and tear of a long season.

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Like I said before stirrups are now a specialty item and most stores do not readily carry them, so you need to do a little research of which stores carry them and which ones do not. With the uncertainty in many stores, purchasing stirrups online is the best option because baseball equipment websites always have them in stock.

Step 3

The next step is finding the right size of stirrups to purchase, since older players are the ones who are more drawn to the retro look companies tend to make them much larger than before. If you have the option of trying them on before you make a purchase that would be ideal, but if you are not able to make sure that you take a measurement of your calf and use the charts that many online distributors provide you.

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Make sure you get the correct size of stirrup if you choose the online option because if you do it will save you an unwanted headache in having to send them back, reordering new ones and then waiting on the new ones to ship.

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It's funny how styles seem to die and come back seemingly out of nowhere. I remember when I was younger and stirrups where the only option we had, and then those were gone and nobody was wearing them anymore besides a small faction of people who liked the retro look. All through high school nobody wore stirrups because it wasn't seen as "cool," but when I entered college this all changed once again. Almost half of my team preferred a more retro look and more than half of my team was wearing them and I notice this same trend with the opponents we were playing against.

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Because so many of my teammates in college went to wearing stirrups I did as well, my coach wasn't providing them to us so I had to find some on my own. At most sports stores they weren't being sold at the time so I had to do a lot of research on where I could find them at.

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