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Depending on what type of instructional video you want to purchase you will need to decide if you want a coaching DVD that is all inclusive, meaning covering all positions or just specific ones. If you lack knowledge in a certain area then purchase a DVD for that particular one and not ones that you have knowledge in.

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The next issue is the price of the materials you will be purchasing, usually a lot of the newer and less purchased videos will cost you the most because the retailers of those particular videos are still trying to find a stronghold in the baseball community, the cheaper the video the more value it ultimately has.

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The last factor you must take into account is who is distributing the video in question. Generally the best videos to purchase are from baseball coaches with experience; there are a lot of different people putting out skills videos these days to make money but a small portion of them teach basic skills meant for lower level players. Now on the other hand a video hosted by a college coach, scout or a major league coach will ultimately be the best bet for a coach trying to teach a player through videos.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Finding quality DVD's to purchase for the right price and skills sets taught.

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I once had a coach who admitted to us that he had never played baseball before so he did not feel as though he could teach us the proper techniques of baseball himself. So instead of teaching us himself he would bring out a small TV, plug it into an extension cord and show us videos instead of him teaching us himself. Long story short, I learned more while watching those videos than I ever did from him.

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I was always highly motivated to be the best I could possibly be at baseball from the time I was 10 years old and I always tried to gain an advantage on my competition. I learned a lot through the experience of playing but a large part of my development came through watching coaching videos. A lot of my success in the game of baseball came from these videos and coaches who utilized them on a regular basis. Many coaches no matter the level of competition incorporate these videos into their team philosophy and produce teams that are more successful because of them.

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