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The first step in buying a custom team baseball uniform is to first decide which style of uniform you want, whether it sleeved or sleeveless, mesh, cotton or a Dri-fit type of material. If you are playing in a warm climate mesh or dri-fit materials are usually ideal and if you play in a colder climate cotton materials provide are light but very warm.

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Next you want to find the best price for uniforms bought in bulk, most websites and companies will offer deals for this type of transaction. The more uniforms you buy the lower the price will be for them typically. Always be aware of what a particular company is willing to discount you because the lettering and logo on the uniforms will also be cheaper.

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Finally, you need to decide whether or not you will be purchasing the custom uniforms online or from a local provider. Typically the online option will provide you with more uniform options and cheaper prices, while the local retailer will most likely be limited on the option you can choose from and will be more expensive. There is am advantage however if you buy from a local seller, that being the uniforms will arrive in a sooner amount of time than online option allowing you to correct any errors with the uniforms before the season starts.

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Always be aware of a discount; the more uniforms you buy usually decreases the total price you will pay altogether.

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All throughout my time in high school my coach promised us that we would have new uniforms each year and with each year came the same old uniforms with dirt and grass stains on them. Finally one day my senior year my coach called all the team captains into his office so that we could all open the new box of uniforms together. We all gathered and each took turns opening the box and when we grabbed them out of the box we all became very confused because no lettering or numbers were on the new uniforms my coach purchased. My coach immediately called the company he ordered them from and they explained to him that he did not order the full package of uniforms and lettering; long story short the new uniforms for my senior year were replaced by the torn and tattered uniforms I wore since my first game 3 years previous.

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During my freshman year in college my summer coach asked me to help him in ordering new uniforms because the company he had been ordering uniforms from went to an online ordering system and he had no idea how to use the new online system. That season I helped him order the uniforms for the team and for 3 years after that I did the same.

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