How to Choose a baseball catcher mask

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Step 1

Decide if you want to go with the traditional catcher's mask that is worn over a helmet or the new, goalie-style catcher's mask. Many leagues are making the goalie-style mask mandatory, as it covers the entire head and offers more protection, so you may not have a choice.

Step 2

Try on the catcher's mask before buying it. Even if you're going to buy it online, go to a sporting goods store first to try on masks. Find a style that you like and a particular model and buy that one online, also make sure you have good vision with the mask on. You will need to be able to see clearly in front of you and also have good peripheral vision.

Step 3

Find a mask that fits snug and will stay in place with a lot of movement. However, you don't want it to fit too tightly, as you will need to be able to take it off quickly if you have the habit of taking it off to field a batted ball.

Step 4

Consider special features when purchasing your catcher's mask. Some catcher's masks come with padding around the face that helps absorb blows when the ball hits the mask. Some also come with throat guards, which are extra metal that extend down under the chin. You can also purchase a throat guard as an accessory to add to your mask.

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Back when I was around 9 or 10 years old my baseball team was short a catcher one day and I being the team player that I am I volunteered to take on the duty for the day. Around the 3rd inning I had taken enough balls off my face for a lifetime and after that day I never contemplated catching ever again.

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In the summers I help out with a youth baseball team and every year we have to order new equipment, my job was to find the best equipment for the best price and I have been doing just that for about three years now.

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