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First you want to determine your price range, for a quality pitching machine you will most likely be spending between $500 up to around $1500. You might be able to find a used one on the market for a lot less but the only disadvantage of that is you will most likely not have a warranty if your machine decides not to work.

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Next you want to find a pitching machine that will serve the functions you need, some machines are made to throw all types of pitches and speeds, while many others focus on one pitch or a limited number of speeds. The pitching machines with the most versatility are the best to purchase because you can manipulate them to create different situations and teach a multitude of different skills.

Step 3

The third step is determining whether you want to buy a machine at a local seller or on a website. The advantage of purchasing a pitching machine at a local dealer are you will be able to purchase and pick up the equipment the same day and save yourself money on shipping and handling, but a disadvantage to a local dealer is their selection will probably not be as vast if you buy from the web. The only disadvantages to buying off the web will mostly be the shipping and handling cost, also the time in which it will be shipped. Either way you decide to go make sure that you are purchasing the product that will be most effective for your team.

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Back in high school my team did not have the best equipment by any means but we still won a lot of games due in large to how we prepared in the off-season. Through fundraising we were able to purchase a top of the line pitching machine which helped the team as a whole reach a new level of skill in terms of hitting, the use of a pitching machine was vital to my team because it allowed us to get a lot of quality swings in a short amount of time.

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Ever since I was young pitching machines have been a very important part of my hitting development, being able to simulate game type situation and real speed of pitching that I was going to face enabled me to get my timing right for both fast and slower pitching. The bottom line is that coaches cannot always be around to throw batting practice so a quality pitching machine came in handy when I wanted to work on techniques by myself or if no coach was around to throw to me.

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