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Step 1

Make sure your beard is thoroughly wet, moistening your facial hair with water weakens it and makes it easier to cut. The ideal situation is to have a shower before you shave. If you can’t do that, try the old barbershop technique and hold a bearably hot flannel over your face for a minute or two to steam it. Avoid applying shaving products to dry skin

Step 2

Use a lubricating shaving gel or cream, the purpose of a shaving gel or cream is to provide slip and glide for the razor. Better glide means less nicks and irritation for you and less damage to the razor which makes it last longer. Lots of foam is not usually good. Foam provides a washing action, but not usually much lubrication. You want something that leaves a light layer in contact with the skin. Ideally leave the shave gel/cream on for a minute or two before you start shaving. This helps to moisten and soften your beard even more

Step 3

Apply the shaving cream to prepare the skin and hair, when apply the shaving cream in a circular motion working upwards from the chin to the cheeks. You want to try and lift and raise the hair. The best way to apply shaving gel/cream is with a quality shaving brush. A brush helps to exfoliate the skin making a smoother surface for shaving and it also does a great job of lathering the shaving product and lifting the hair.

Step 4

Use a good quality sharp blade, a dull blade drags on your skin making it irritated and blotchy and of course doesn't cut the hair so well either. Change your blade every 3-10 shaves (more often for thicker, courser hair), or whenever it feels dull.

Step 5

Rinse your blade under hot water before you start (remember moist heat weakens the hair = easier to cut). Shave in the direction of beard growth (with the grain). Start at the sides, then do the upper lip area and lastly the chin. Shave a few strips then rinse the blade, re-spread shaving gel from another part of your face onto the area you just shaved (or spread some more lather onto it from your shaving brush) and go over that area again. Repeat this pattern until you have shaved your whole face. Shaving against the grain is more likely to cause cuts and ingrown hairs and is best avoided. Avoid over-shaving as this can cause skin irritation and rashes. NB If you are unsure about which direction your facial hair grows in, and every man’s grows slightly differently, then let your beard grow for a couple of days.

Step 6

Rinse the blade thoroughly when you are finished and let it air dry as wiping it with a towel or tissue can dull it. Rinse your face with warm water to remove the shaving gel/cream. Ideally, follow this with a soap-free cleanser or wash that contains antibacterial ingredients such as tea tree oil to help prevent spots and shaving rash. Rinse this off with cool water and PAT your face dry with a towel as rubbing can cause irritation. Shaving removes the top 1-2 layers of skin so be gentle.

Step 7

Pat and smooth on an after-shave balm or moisturizer. This should contain ingredients that moisturize and soothe your skin such as aloe, chamomile, marshmallow and natural plant oils. It is also good to use a balm/moisturizer that contains ingredients which have some antibacterial properties such as witch hazel, lavender and tea tree. If you use a moisturizer it is best to use one designed specifically for men or for oily skin. Men’s skin tends to be oilier than women’s and a normal women’s moisturizer may look greasy on your skin.

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The other day my mom showed me a picture of me and my two brothers being taught how to shave by my dad, well my two brothers are 7 and 5 years older; so for me being only 3 years old at the time it was not the most pleasant of experiences. Long story short, the picture of me crying while my dad is shaving me is hanging in my bathroom in the same place it has been since I was 3 years old.

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Around the age of 15 I started to grow a mustache and a little beard and at that point it was not defined enough to let it grow without shaving it from time to time. Well that was 7 years ago and I have now began perfecting how to shave properly without irritation and unwanted razor bumps.

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