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Assess the workout you will be performing. If it consists of hard, aggressive movement toward the floor or wall, then a rubber medicine ball may work the best. If simply squatting or lifting, using soft ball would be superior in comfort and usability.

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Go to and search for "Dynamax medicine ball" (Soft) or a "Valeo medicine ball." (rubber) Choose a weight you can handle for your goal in training.

Step 3

Pay attention to reviews and pricing. Several items seem similar, but the above mentioned products have proven to me to be effective and high quality. Check out other tips for medicine ball workouts!

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Something as simple as finding a medicine ball can be quite difficult. People desire durability and type (Soft or rubber) as well as affordability. Medicine balls are ancient training tools that are still used frequently today in fitness, but many may not know the type or kind necessary for their goals in training.

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At one point, I used an old basketball filled with sand and taped over to train at home. As a budget ball, it worked fairly well, but I often had sand dusting my face as I moved the ball in different workout routines. With hard training, it soon fell apart. After researching several medicine balls, it appeared that using both solid rubber as well as a cloth, fabric filled ball seemed necessary for different workouts being performed. The rubber ball provided ideal grip and response for wall throws and use that required enough bounce to add resistance. The cloth material was less prone to splitting and good for tossing with a partner as well as any ground movement not requiring any bounce movement.

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