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First, you must determine what item you are looking for. As I've mentioned before, Reebok has taken the role as the primary sponsor, so they have began producing all kinds of clothing for the sport. The claim to work with the top Crossfit athletes to develop clothing they think will most benefit them during competition. Other small, privately owned brands like Twopood, Rigor, and Infidel are also worth looking into if you want to support small business and get unique products. Other brands like Skinz target compression and muscle recovery in their products.

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Shorts: Most Crossfit shorts have been developed like the MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) shorts you may have seen on television. They are developed with some microfiber/polyester/spandex/elastane/nylon base material with a board-short like velcro or lace waist, and a high slit on the sides of the trouser. They are made to stay secure and offer the greatest range of mobility as Crossfit encompasses various movements requiring full range of leg movement. They are also made to withstand much friction from weights and other various elements. Basic running or basketball shorts will be fine for lightweight, moisture wicking use, but may not offer the durability and mobility that Crossfit shorts offer.

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Shirts: There aren't really Crossfit specific shirts, but Reebok and other brands offer durable, moisture wicking material shirts. Anything that will allow a durable range of motion throughout the shoulders that will not get caught in certain weight movements should be fine.

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There are also gloves that Reebok targets as Crossfit specific. They keep the skin on your hands from developing heavy friction blisters due to pull ups. Though these work great, you can also use regular football receiver gloves or baseball batting gloves as well, and they will work the same.

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Compression: The most important aspect of clothing for Crossfit is compression gear. Several brands offer compression gear for the entire body to allow supportive, comfortable full range of motion during any movement. Compression keeps your muscles warm and flexible by wicking away moisture that may otherwise remain on the skin and cool you down too soon causing tightness. It also adds protection from abrasion and extra support depending on the strength of the compression. Using a thick, strong compression pant would lightly keep you leg muscles firm and compact allowing for greater strength output. Most brands offer some form of compression gear, and they vary a high degree in pricing. Depending on brand and the specific need, compression gear can become expensive.

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There are also Crossfit hats and socks that could be useful for certain elements, but nothing made any different from other socks and hats. Long socks are essential for climbing ropes, but any kind of shin guard or sleeve will work well.

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-For Crossfit workouts, remember you can use virtually any athletic clothing to sufficiently make it through an exercise. -To ensure greatest comfort and performance combination, purchase shorts that have a secure board-short like waistband, a high cut slit on the side and are made from a wicking, lightweight, durable material. Even regular board-shorts work great for workouts. -Make sure to also use some form of compression gear, primarily leg compression. It does not need to be long compression pants, but just short undergarment would work great. Wearing boxer-briefs and regular underwear is simply going to cause unneeded chafing and most likely will rip and wear out quickly. -Buying from the small business brands are unique and usually support charity causes and military

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Due to the popularity that Crossfit has gained over the past five years, several brands and small companies have began capitalizing on the market. Since the beginning of Crossfit, there have been hundreds of small clothing companies that have started mostly due to Crossfit. Although really any type of fitness gear is fine for use, Crossfit has still found a way to manipulate parts of clothing to make them specific to the sport.

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