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Depending on the timer you purchase, you can set the clock to make several adjustments. Most timers also give a three second pre-start count down so you can prepare to begin as soon as the clock reaches zero.

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AMRAP's--For a workout that requires you to complete a number of rounds in a designated time, you can simply set the clock to the time and have it count down.

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EMOM--For "every minute on the minute" workouts you can set the timer to beep every minute or every so many minutes according to the workout requirements. For example, you can program the timer to beep every 3 minutes for 15 minutes, each with a 30 second rest after each 3 minute interval. Basically, you can program several configurations into the clock that will enable you to pay more attention to your workout instead of a watch, never miss any timing issues, and the ability to focus greater on coaching and teaching rather than yelling out when to rest and switch stations in a circuit.

Step 4

TABATA--Along with the several programs is a Tabata style workout. Tabata is a workout involving usually one exercise performed as fast as possible for max reps in 20 seconds of time followed by 10 seconds rest for 8 rounds, or 4 minutes. It is believed to generate enough work capacity to develop the endurance achieved by marathon runners without actually doing any running.

Step 5

Each timer has a remote control as well for programming from a distance, allowing you to mount the timer anywhere on the wall and maintain control. They also possess different timing sections. For instance, each timer has about 6 different program tabs, therefore, you can have one section programmed for Tabata, and another pre-set for a 20 minute countdown. You only have to click the respective number to begin your appropriate time. This allows for ultimate class management and makes it easy to begin your workouts or have them consecutively ready if completing multiple within a certain time frame.

Step 6

The timer's themselves come with detailed instructions on how to set up the timers and program them to your liking. Although it can seem confusing at first and too difficult to explain on here without the timer present, it isn't too hard to understand how to set certain workouts. WIth a little practice, you will be able to quickly adjust the timer to the ideal settings.

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Training in Crossfit does not require a timer, but it does help give you a large visual of how to pace your workouts and how much time it is taking you to progress through an exercise. You could use a stopwatch, but when moving around and attempting to view the time on a smaller screen, it is difficult to determine your progress. Also, a simple watch cannot be set for specific time frames and the unique settings required for Crossfit workouts. A good, large Crossfit timer is essential in serious training, and almost necessary to have if you own a gym and will be training others. Most timers used for mixed martial arts or boxing matches are perfect for Crossfit's "rounds" style workouts. Using a timer is also much better for Crossfit since much unlike in running, Crossfit demands varied movements and weights, therefore making it difficult to look at your wrist mid workout.

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