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Most schools or organizations will provide a tail pad in your package of football equipment. If this is not provided, or you simply do not like the one they issued, then buying a pad would be essential and may be difficult to find the correct one. It is important to always wear one to prevent injury. It may not seem like much, but a tail pad helps lesson the blows delivered from being tackled on your back and getting hit from behind. Back injuries are extremely hard to recover from and they may be career ending, so any preventable piece will help.

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Most tail pads are minimal and fit inside an elastic girdle that protects your entire hip area. Youth tail pads sometimes will just snap directly into the pants by a button system.

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A tail pad is to be minimal and only be a length needed to pass past the tail bone by a few inches or else discomfort sets in. The more protection you want, the larger the pad needs to be and higher up the lower back it will go. Most standard issue pads are cut by players because they are too big and annoying for movement.

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It is also difficult to find just a tail bone pad without belonging to a set of padding for your hips. Local small sporting goods stores may carry them, but your best bet is to search the internet for such a piece. Above I've listed some fairly inexpensive pads that can be used for football.

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Although many pads seem small and useless, they actually serve a great purpose as part of a football uniform. The tail pad is no exception. This particular pad protects your coccyx and some of your lower lumbar area during the heavy contact issued during a football game or practice. Most pads are made of a highly absorb-able impact foam material, but there are some that are very hard and made from plastic hybrids.

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