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Step 1

Okay, so you decide your interested in further pursuing CrossFit knowledge and to the extent of maybe one day wanting to open a gym. Now you need to come up with the annoying part of most things, the money! As with any business, there needs to be a fee for that piece of paper and enlightened knowledge. A CrossFit level 1 certification is $1,000. You need to have this money for the course when you arrive.

Step 2

Once you have saved enough cash, now you need to search and find a local CrossFit gym that is hosting a certification for a weekend you can attend. They level 1 course duration varies and sometimes begins on Friday afternoon, and will go through Sunday evening, but may also start early Saturday from 9:30am-5pm with an hour lunch and continue for the same amount of time on Sunday. You will need to go to CrossFit's website and on the left side of the screen, click under CrossFit courses. Under the CrossFit courses link, you will find more information regarding how to attain an official cert.

Step 3

Once you open the link, you'll see that they list several dates and places on the right side of the page. Choose a date that satisfies work, family, and other obligations, and click to be forwarded to the details, which are usually listed on the Gym's personal website. Some usually wait for certifications to come near their home, but depending on the schedule and how soon they want certified, most will choose to travel a fair distance for a weekend. Since not every gym hosts certifications, then you will need to call and ask local gyms in your area to see if they are planning on hosting. That way you won't need to wait and wonder when or if a cert. is coming near you.

Step 4

Once you have designated a spot and scheduled your time, then you should plan according. The best way to do this is to call you gym where you will be heading and ask about details (if not listed on the site). Is there food provided? (usually not). Can I bring a guest? What is the itinerary? What shoes are necessary? Do I need a notebook? Treat the course like you’re going to a college class, and bring proper workout attire.

Step 5

For the majority of the course, you will be listening and actively working with the coaches and others to perfect form and movement of the basic CrossFit lifts and functions (Olympic lifting, power lifting, and gymnastics). There will be times of very limited intensity, and there will be times that you must compete and show relative competence in a CrossFit standard workout (most notably, the workout named, "Fran"). You will also be briefed in nutrition and proper practice that CrossFit preaches.

Step 6

Once you have paid and completed the course up and through Sunday, you will be asked to take a 50 question multiple choice test that tests standard CrossFit terminology, proper coaching technique and overall knowledge of fitness and how a movement should be completed. It is nothing too intense and was recently implemented into the course to further ingrain the basic knowledge of CrossFit. Although there are no pre-requisites for the course, I would highly emphasize understanding the specific terminology used by CrossFit gyms and familiarize yourself with Olympic lifting.

Step 7

Once you have been through the course and have shown satisfactory results, taken and passed the test, then you will receive an official certification for being a CrossFit level 1 trainer. Congratulations! It is that easy. Although the process is simple, it is not to be taken lightly. You should not just walk in the cert. without any knowledge of CrossFit (study the website, watch video, know the CEO-Greg Glassman and the other names in the business--Dave Castro, Tony Budding etc...).

Step 8

Know the community! What it is all about. You can understand this by attending a local gym, reading the website, and reading other gym websites from across the world. CrossFit is more than a sport of fitness; it is about embracing an overall healthy, functional lifestyle. Eat well, stay functional, and continue to learn new things, physically, politically, economically, psychologically etc...

Step 9

A few things that I believe are needed for a successful level one trainer include: -Belonging to a local gym or following a CrossFit fitness program for at least half a year -Understand CrossFit's nutrition emphasis on eating "clean." Search the paleo diet, zone diet, and the issues with diabetes and processed foods. -Read, read, read... There is a plethora of information on CrossFit on the web--Understand the bench mark workouts and study a bit regarding why there are named (find much of this on main website).

Step 10

Once you have become level 1 certified, you may want to also take the coaches prep course, CrossFit kid’s course, and also the level 2 trainer course. All you need is the level 1 to own an affiliate, but the other courses will greatly benefit the future success of your career in training.

Step 11

The coaches course will further emphasize the best techniques in coaching, and show the proper ways in dealing with large groups and people of all levels of athleticism and ability. You'll become more comfortable with quickly helping those who have never played a sport and have never conducted these movements before, and how to increase the efficiency of someone advanced and highly athletic.

Step 12

The CrossFit kids course will allow one to get a better understanding of translating fitness to children and the importance and certain cues that are specifically helpful to kids learning.

Step 13

The level 2 course is a more advanced cert. that would probably require at least a year of experience training groups in a gym. It will further strengthen your understanding of how to coach and compete in CrossFit on an elite level. You will be exposed to higher levels of testing and will be asked to not only take a written test, but also be quizzed on how to coach a live class.

Step 14

Of course, these certifications end up getting expensive and a bit time consuming. Once you get a level one course, spending time with other trainers and visiting other gyms and speaking with more coaches will inevitably lead to better coaching and similar knowledge given in the advanced certs. If you want to have an official document, then by all means go after it, it can only benefit you, but after the level one cert, most of the same education can be obtained from attending helpful seminars and Olympic lifting or gymnastics studios. In other words, certifications help a ton to learn exactly what you need to understand, but they are not necessary if you can be resourceful and reach out to people involved in the community.

Step 15

Best of luck to anyone pursuing a certification, and never stop learning from people around you. They will be just as valuable as any professional course.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

-Make sure you research and speak with others regarding CrossFit and its principles before attending a level 1 certification or you will be lost with the terminology and practice of fitness instruction.

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If you are serious about further improving your knowledge on the growing sport of CrossFit, and possibly have ambitions of opening your own gym, then getting CrossFit certified is essential. There are three CrossFit certifications that will better progress your knowledge on the aspects of CrossFit and in order to open a gym, you must have your level 1 training certificate to do so. Keep in mind that one does not need a level 1 trainer cert. to begin a membership with a gym, compete in competitions or even coach at a local gym. The only person who needs the level 1 cert. is the owner. It is under the owner’s responsibility and decision on whether or not to allow someone to instruct classes without a level 1 certification.

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