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Step 1

Medicine ball: Medicine balls are a simple, yet a quite expensive piece of equipment as is with most unique fitness tools. A simple, affordable alternative is to take a basketball and use sand to make one that will function just as it is intended.

Step 2

First, purchase or find a standard regulation size men's basketball (soccer, dodgeball/kickball or Volleyball) that you can use (Amazon has several). The quality is up to you. A cheap, thin rubber ball will probably work the best since it is simply going to be used for fitness training. A nice leather ball would probably last longer, but isn't necessary.

Step 3

Second, Use a regular plastic water bottle or any kind of circular guide to help mark an area for a small hole. Place the opened end against the ball so that the bottle opening surface touches entire part of ball. Outline the surface to make a circle as a guide for cutting.

Step 4

Third, use an exacto knife or razor blade to carefully cut around the trace. Make sure that you do not cut out an entire piece. Cut a little more than a half circle to leave part of the piece attached. Also, there is no problem in cutting around the air-injecting port, but there is usually a thick rubber nipple-like piece on the other side, which may make it difficult to eventually pour the sand.

Step 5

Once you have the hole developed, now you can pour the sand. Use a thin, plastic disposable water bottle and cut it in half (can also use a funnel). Place the funnel into the hole of the ball and carefully pour the sand until the ball is full.

Step 6

Once the ball is filled to sufficient volume, use a strong adhesive (Liquid nails, some epoxy, gorilla glue etc...) to patch the hole. To re-enforce the closure once adhesive dries, tightly wrap a strong tape (athletic, duct) around the ball, covering the hole as well. you do not need to wrap the entire ball. After everything is finished, you should have around a 20lb ball. The standard basketball filled with course sand should weigh around 20lbs. If you get a fine sand, it will usually weigh much more due to packing. If you want a lighter ball, just use less sand and weigh as you pour. It may end up being a little lopsided, but should not be unusable.

Step 7

Pull-up Bar: These can cost hundreds of dollars, but can be easily constructed from any hardware store fir much cheaper. Go to a local hardware store and ask for some galvanized steel pipes and a couple of flanges. Depending on the length or area of the space you are going to mount the bar, choose accordingly. This pull-up bar is mounted from the ceiling and will hang down only a few inches. If you want something to mount on the side of a wall, then you will need to get brackets.

Step 8

You will need one long pipe, two short pipes (depending on length from ceiling you desire), two elbows, two flanges, and eight 3.5 inch lag bolts and lock washers. Before purchasing, make sure everything fits together okay (pipes should screw together and bolts should smoothly fit holes in flanges). Now you can go home and use a power drill to mount the bar into the ceiling.

Step 9

Olympic Rings: These have been constructed on numerous forums and blogs, but the following is the most durable way I have witnessed and used. Again depending on space, order lengths and amount accordingly. Go to the lumber store and purchase a large plank of wood (about 2x6). Again this will be mounted to ceiling.

Step 10

Go to the hardware store and Buy at least four large lag bolts to be drilled into the ceiling through the wood. Also buy two more eyebolts to be drilled into the middle of the wood about 18" apart (these will hold the rings). Next, you will need a small link connector rated to about 800lbs and four large link connectors rated at 1600lbs. You will also need two pvc pipes (small enough for hands to grip) and two strong, small link chains (fit inside of PVC). lastly, you will need cargo tie-down straps for heavy weight loads. The more secure all of your equipment will be, the safer the rings will turn out.

Step 11

Once all product is purchased and the wooden board is mounted to the ceiling, use the heavy graded connectors to attach the cargo straps to the mounted board through the eyebolts.

Step 12

Making the ring structure: Fill the PVC pipes with sand and duct tape either end. Place pipe in the oven preheated to 375 degrees F. Allow to bake for ten minutes and remove. Use gloves to grab the pipe and carefully wrap the pvc around a paint can or any sturdy large cylinder as a template. Wrap the pvc until each end is almost touching. Hold the pipe until it remains in the ring position, then cool using water or the fridge.

Step 13

Remove the tape and empty the sand. Insert the small chain into the pipe until it loops all the way around, and then connect the ends of the chain to one of the 800lb link connectors. Then further connect it to the heavy, 1600lb link connector and attach this connector to the cargo strap that is hooked in the ceiling.

Step 14

You can also use sturdy storage boxes or benches for box jumps and other movements.

Step 15

Make sure you test the rings for stability and make adjustments to ensure function. Above are three easy do-at-home projects for simple weight lifting equipment. Please take some time to also view pictures online of others who have some advice and ask the hardware store workers for any questions regarding necessary equipment.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Med Ball list: Course sand, Razor knife, rubber ball, adhesive, strong tape, and funnel Pull-Up Bar: Long galvanized steel pipe, two elbows, two smaller pipes, two flanges, and eight bolts and nuts. Rings: 2x6 wood board with at least four large bolts and two eyebolts, 4 1600 lb connectors, 2 800lb connectors, two cargo straps,two small chains, two pvc pipes, sand, and duct tape.

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