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Today I wanted to talk about clothes to wear that would give you the look of an eye-popping physique, that would show it off and bring out what you have worked so hard for. My first suggestion would be ginny tees, the types of muscle shirts that I am wearing right now would be a good suggestion. Anything that would really bring out, you basically want to be tight. You want to be tight, but you don't want to be suffocated. Don't get me wrong, you want to show things off, but you want to stay comfortable at the same time. So, tight shirts like I am wearing would be good.

Step 2

If you want to wear Under Armour, Under Armour is always great. When you are in the gym, or just out running errands and you are not looking to impress anybody, wear a small or medium, and it also depends on how big of a guy you are, how muscular you are. I am on the lighter side, and I am a bit of a smaller guy, so I am going to wear the smaller size. But, if you are 250 pounds, 300 pounds, you might want to go for large or extra-large. Basically, just try it on to see what fits you.

Step 3

All clothes sizes, I would suggest try on. Every brand makes their sizes feel a little bit differently. Armani Exchange - their small is a different from an Abercrombie small. So, just kind of feel it out. I mean, me personally, I usually stick with Armani Exchange, Famous Stars and Straps and Abercrombie and Fitch. I wear Armani Exchange extra-small because the extra-small for them is better. It clings to your body better. As a small, its kind of loosen. It is generally a medium.

Step 4

With Famous Stars and Straps, they are good to bring out your chest and shoulders, but on the sleeves, they are a little bit loose on your arms, so you really cannot tell if you have big arms wearing them, unless you have tremendous forearms, then of course you can tell. That's the thing, the forearms and that veiny look that we all shoot for will save you a lot of times and make you look more muscular even in clothes that you really cannot tell. But, if you look at the forearms, that usually is the key.

Step 5

Also, I wanted to talk about another thing that will make you look bigger. Shaving your arms - I always shave my forearms. I know most bodybuilders and most fitness models do. Its just better. I don't really like the feeling of hair. Plus, I work so hard in the gym, working on my arms, I want them hairless, and I want people to see the definition, and see the muscularity. I don't know if you can see form here, but that's what I do.

Step 6

As far as pants are concerned, I would suggest you do not want to suffocate yourself. Just wear whatever is comfortable. You don't want to wear real tight pants because you will be uncomfortable. Wear just regular, nice-fitting jeans.

Step 7

If you need a belt, then wear it. If you don't, then obviously you don't need to wear it.

Step 8

As far as shirts are concerned, go with whatever brand you want. I know if you like Roca Wear or G-Unit, or any of those types of brands, Fubu, they usually make their clothes big, so unless you are a really big guy, which you could still see the definition, see the muscularity, I would not suggest wearing them.

Step 9

I would stick with Abercrombie, Hollister, Armani Exchange, Famous Stars and Straps, those are the best brands if you have a great physique and want to show it off. Those are the clothes that would be the most ideal in that situation.

Step 10

But, really you want to go with what is going to show you off and what is going to bring out your physique. But you want to stay you. Don't be a poser and don't wear a brand that you are not. If you are more urban and you like G-Unit, then wear that. But, go for the smallest size possible. If you are more preppy or guido like I am - I consider myself a guido - you are going to wear more Armani Exchange and Famous Stars and Straps. That's fine. Do what you like to do, but you want to make sure that what you are doing is comfortable, and that it is actually showing you off.

Step 11

Under Armour is good and there are multiple brands of Under Armour. There is Nike Under Armour, There is Adidas Under Armour, there is the traditional one, there is always all ginny tees, whether they are black, white or grey, all work.

Step 12

I know Gold's Gym makes a lot of tank tops, World Gym makes a lot of tank tops. Those are great to represent. It also shows you work out, too - by wearing one of those. So, those are all great choices.

Step 13

Basically, what it comes down to is whatever you like, just be comfortable, yes, you want to show things off, but stay comfortable and don't be ridiculous. If you are really just skinny and ripped, do not wear an extremely tight shirt even though I have done that and I admit, you kind of look idiotic. So, just do what you like and again, if you are happy with it, that's all that matters.

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Choose the right fit, and generally go tight without being uncomfortable.

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I wear Armani Exchange and tank tops, generally.


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