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I've added three pairs of cleats that I would suggest for anyone competing in high school, collegiate, and professional football. The best way to start is to begin with what position you play. Football has several specific positions, each with quite different physical responsibilities, much unlike any other sport. We can break down these positions down into three groups to better fit cleat functionality. The first group would be skilled positions (those requiring quicker lateral and sprint movements such as receivers, quarterbacks, runningbacks,defensive backs, returners, linebackers and special teams specialists). The second group would be linemen (Those who participate in power movements and require more protection and stability and are usually much larger athletes). Lastly, we can put the kickers in their own group (those who need a seamless shoe like a soccer player to best enable control of kicking a football).

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Next, we'll look at personal preference. If your a skilled position who desires light weight, quick shoes, but needs heavy ankle support (runningbacks, linebackers), then searching for a 3/4 high upper or mid length upper shoe would best provide support. Several shoe companies offer lightweight shoes with great ankle support without compromising style, weight, and comfort. The above Under Armour shoe seems to be the best new, innovative, lightweight support cleat. If you don't mind having an exposed ankle like most receivers and defensive backs or returners (those who usually don't get toppled by piles of linemen), then finding a lightweight molded cleat is your best bet. If you want ultra light material and highest comfort, always go for a molded bottom. Screw in cleats were a nice concept to help replace bottoms efficiently, but they are highly uncomfortable and provide much extra weight compared to a molded bottom. Although the molded bottoms will eventually need a full shoe replacement, they are absolutely worth the money, especially now in the current time with technology in durable rubber/plastics being able to last a lengthy time. The ultimate lightweight shoe to use would be a soccer cleat. Their form fitting and minimal detail exterior provide a sock-like feel, but give enough support to make aggressive cuts on any field surface. Most skill position football cleats are now modeled after much of the soccer style cleats due to the increasing amount of players seeking the lightest shoes for football. A combination of a lightweight, molded, soccer cleat with a taped ankle is the perfect way to achieve light feet with max support. Kickers also should obtain similar shoes since they are actually developed to grip a soccer ball, very similar to a football. If you are one of the men working in the trenches (linemen), you may be tough enough to wear a light weight shoe, but no one can determine when another unexpected 300lb opponent may happen to suddenly fall on your foot. Adidas usually makes great athletic football cleats with utmost support. Again, molded as opposed to screw in cleats would be beneficial, especially since more weight will usually be on top of the cleats. Although speed is important on the line, you need more support than a few less ounces. I suggest only 3/4 high cleats and some supportive bracing.

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Now that we have the position-specifics cleared, let's talk ordering. I used to use Eastbay for much of my purchases. They usually have solid deals, huge variety, and their customer service is great. I'll still check them from time to time, but have found digging deeper in Ebay (especially if you aren't picky of finding a specific color etc...) Google Shopping, and Amazon will usually provide a quick, sometimes negotiable and cheapest price for your specific product. Make sure to enter the exact product, and take time on your research. Always worth taking time for your feet and use in the long run, especially for a future, grueling season. Online also will give you special deals depending on the product or site. Also, if you notice at checkout a box that allows you to provide a discount code, take a second to google search discount codes for that website. I've found several times that many codes are easily attainable and can be upwards of %25 percent off (they may also allow a combination of several at once!). Although shopping at a store locally can save you time and sometimes shipping, it usually isn't the best deal unless they have a blowout sale and quantities are mostly limited to greater degree. I hope this brief direction on online shopping will help you decide. The cleats listed are some of the ones I have chosen to best represent the newer technologies in comfort and design. I used to wear Nike vapors and mercurials. If you are a skilled position and purchase these with a couple ankle braces or get taped by a trainer, they are the perfect item for max performance.

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-Search discount codes through google -go with molded cleats -Only go to the store if you need to try them on to ensure satisfaction before ordering.

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I played football for several years beginning in junior up and through the first year of college. Football is obviously a physically demanding sport, and taking care of my feet is of utmost priority. You only have one pair of feet for the remainder of your life, so you might as well keep them protected and healthy. I enjoy shopping for shoes regardless whether it is for sport or casual wear. I am also a bargain shopper. That being said, when I look for the best football cleats, I take the time to ensure that I am getting a quality cleat and something that also will not break my budget. Also, I can always find an inexpensive pair of cleats, but unfortunately, a cheap price may get your feet screaming for an ice bath after each use. Nike seems to still be the most comfortable, durable football cleat I have ever owned. Adidas and Reebok are a close second, and Under Armour has recently came around and developed some great innovative cleats for football. These name brands usually will cost you, but buying the previous years model, or finding cheaper sites online is easy and affordable without killing quality. For those of you who do not have D1 scholarships and receive unlimited pairs of shoes at no technical cost, I'll help you find a solid pair of cleats regardless of experience.

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