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Originally from an alternative medical doctor in Japan, Phiten titanium infused necklaces are to help balance and control the flow of electricity throughout the body and allow the nervous system to operate properly. Although some believe these necklaces offer great physiological benefit, it appears the psychological aspect of the device and the marketing through professional athletes has been key in making these extremely popular. Not only are these necklaces huge in baseball, but also football players have been found promoting the accessory.

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The easiest way to purchase a baseball necklace is to go on Amazon. If you need a name brand like phiten, you can usually find a basic necklace for extremely cheap. If you do not mind having an off brand, Amazon also carries several other titanium infused necklaces of other brands such as Germanium, and are offered at an even lower price. Honestly, I've owned Phiten and believe it is clearly the best and most effective as far as quality and appearance. The function of the necklaces would be similar. Ordering online is fast and easy, and although it is not instant, it is much cheaper and you have more variety than going to a local sporting goods store.

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Any form of titanium infused necklace should work just fine. I do not believe it physically improved my performance, but I was never injured and rarely sore. I feel that having a necklace was psychologically comforting and mentally kept me prepared for game play and allowed me to focus on competition rather than worry about possible injury. I also found that the Phiten brand arm sleeves work great as well, especially for baseball players. They kept my arm warm and offered slight compression without overheating, keeping me flexible and strong throughout the lengthy game of baseball.

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Be careful not to believe these necklaces are miracle workers. If you are seriously injured, seek advice from a medical doctor. Do not rely on the titanium to repair sore or torn joints.

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Phiten necklaces have been around baseball players for several years, and although they are marketed to help ion flow and balance throughout the body, most have become purchased more as a fashion statement, or "comfort garment." I first heard about these necklaces in high school back in 2004, and quickly noticed many players, especially pitchers, began wearing these powerful necklaces and bracelets.

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