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Step 1

First, you will need a pull up bar, flat area for push ups, 24 or 20inch box or bench to jump on, an Olympic 45lb standard bar, 135lbs/95lbs in barbell weight, and a 35lb/26lb kettle bell or dumbbell. The workout is as follows: 25 pull ups 50 deadlifts 135lb for men/95lb for women 50 push ups 50 box jumps 24inches for men/20 inches for women 50 floor wipers 135lbs for men/95lbs for women 50 kettle bell cleans 35lbs for men/26lbs for women 25 pull ups

Step 2

Next, it is suggested that you learn how to perform Crossfit kipping pull-ups to ensure that you do not take too much time (this could take awhile doing dead-hang or normal pull ups). The pull ups can be completed using any grip, but the chin must clear the bar and your arms must fully extend at the bottom of the movement to count as a repetition. Since this workout is for speed, finding the quickest way to complete the exercises is the best way to gain the full benefit. If you are incapable of doing kipping pull ups, using an elastic band to step into will help add resistance, and allow your body to spring up over the bar easier. You could also do jumping pull ups by placing your standing body just beneath the bar and jumping into each pull up to enable your chin to reach over the bar.

Step 3

Before starting you will need to make sure you can lie on your back and hold up 135lbs (men) 95lbs (women) in an extended bench press position. You will also need to be able to press this weight from your elbows on the ground to full extension. If you are unable to do so, lessen the weight amount. The listed weight is the weight to be used for the workout to be legitimate, but it is not necessary if you are unable to lift the weight.

Step 4

You need to also be able to perform a jump with both feet at once onto a 2 ft box or anything that will support your weight (women, 20 inches). Again, if you cannot perform this feat, then lessen the height. The same goes for the kettle bell cleans.

Step 5

A deadlift is performed by simply lifting the barbell from the floor up to your waist level, hence lifting “dead” weight. You are to keep locked arms and an over-under grip. It is imperative that you keep your back level and straight, your chest up and your bottom down. Even when you are tired and fatigued, do not round or neglect using your legs for this lift. You are supposed to feel fatigue in your back, but not any sharp and agonizing pain. One rep is completion of pulling the weight to your waist and standing upright.

Step 6

A push up is performed by holding your body in a bridged, straight position with your chest facing the floor. One rep is complete when you lower your body using your arms until you elbow joint reaches about a 90 degree angle, then press up to full extension. Remember to keep your elbows close to your body and drive through the palms of your hands against the ground.

Step 7

The box jump is performed by jumping with both feet simultaneously up onto the box and back down to the floor. You must lock out your hips at the top of the jump onto the box. Again, if you cannot jump up to the standard height, use a lower box or step up onto the box and back down. It is most beneficial to learn the exercise as close as possible to the standard movement to better learn the action. One rep is having two feet onto the box with legs and hips fully extended upright, and to return to the floor

Step 8

For the floor wipers, you are to lie on your back with the weight in a bench press position extended over your body. To perform one rep, you must keep you legs straight and raise them to your feet point towards the ceiling, then lower your extended legs to the right side until they are about 6 inches form the floor. At the same time, you must lower the weight until your elbows touch and push the weight back to full extension as your legs rise to the starting position. The next rep is to the left. You go back and forth to the left and the right with a press at each end until 50 reps is complete (25 to each side).

Step 9

The kettle bell cleans can be performed with dumbbells as well, but it is ideal to use a kettle bell. A single clean is complete when you grab both kettle bells in each of your hands from the floor and pull them up to your shoulder level about at your chest. It is easiest to understand the movement by searching the Internet for a video demonstration. Begin like the deadlift, but keep the weight between your legs. As you go to left the weight, keep your back and arms straight and use you hips and pull motion to left the weight upward toward the ceiling and turn your wrists to catch the weight in front of your chest.

Step 10

Once all of your weight is set and you have enough space, you now can attack the workout. Have yourself or someone else start the time for your workout. It is also beneficial for someone to workout alongside another who is of similar capability; therefore, you can encourage and push each other to keep moving.

Step 11

The most important aspect of these workouts is to mentally find the strength to keep grinding through each movement. It is HIGHLY advised that you do not attempt this workout if you are feeling dizzy or dehydrated and if you have never completed these movements before. You must practice these movements and be sure your body is capable and fit to do such lifts in such a high rep, intense manner. Of course, if this takes you an hour to complete, you will not really see any kind of benefit because it is meant to engage your cardio capacity. If you move too slowly, even if the movements are difficult, you are not going to ever feel entirely winded, and gain the full benefit.

Step 12

Find videos on the exercises and learn how to pace yourself. You are to not advance to another exercise until the current one is complete. The workout must be completed in the above order. A good time to shoot for and to finish is around 18 minutes. An elite time would be around 15 minutes. You must learn how to attack the workout. Over time, you will know if you can complete these exercise without dropping the weight or doing every pull up without ever dropping etc…

Step 13

You should also not go out of the gate to quickly. If hanging on to complete 25 pull ups in a row absolutely fatigues you to exhaustion, then you are probably not going to advance well through the next exercise. Unless you now 25 will not drain your energy, then you should aim to do sets evenly paced. For example, try doing five pull ups every 30 seconds or so. If it is too easy, do more or rest less time. You can learn to break up all of these exercises like this. You should complete the exercises in any way to get done the quickest.

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Years ago when our gym first began getting into the Crossfit phase, we came across a workout that was used by the actors for the movie, "300." The actors used this workout to help develop the physique and fit appearance that Spartans would have once possessed as warriors. It is a true testament to what constantly varied movements performed at high intensity can produce upon completed repetition. The workout is designed to be completed as fast as possible, and consists of 300 total reps of six different exercises. At first, this workout appears very intimidating, but with practice and learning proper movement, the ability to move faster and develop a greater amount of endurance will begin to occur.

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