How To Order and Train With Crossfit Pullup Bands

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Step 1

You can purchase an elastic training band in various resistances(various thickness and strength) at virtually any sporting goods store. I listed Rogue above as one source. Depending on your skill/strength level and the exercise you will be performing, you should order the respective resistance band. Ordering three bands at various resistance strengths will be the most versatile and best way to give you proper adjustment in assessing your strength.

Step 2

Once you have your bands, you can begin training. Bands are also used for therapy and stretching, but for this post I will just explain their uses in training.

Step 3

Pull-ups--When you have a pull up bar and your band, first determine if you can do an unassisted or regular pull up (chin over bar). If you can, how many without dropping? If you can get at least three to four pull ups without dropping and no kipping, then you should not use a band during workouts (though it will be tough, you need to just focus on developing strength with repeating unassisted pull-ups).

Step 4

Next, loop the band over the top of the bar so half of it dangles on the other side. Then pull the back side through the hole created by the loop in the front until the band is taut against the bar (band should be placed in center of bar). Then place one leg into the band so the band wraps under the instep of your foot. Hang onto the bar on either side of the band, and perform a pull-up as normally completed, keeping your leg straight. The pull-up should feel easier and you should be able to now complete consecutive pull-ups.

Step 5

If you are unable to still complete pull-ups, then you should add more bands and continue to work on pulling strength and using weights. Once you feel proficient with the bands and able to complete about 10 to 15 pull-ups without kipping, you should primarily focus on unassisted pull-ups.

Step 6

You can also develop strength using bands for handstand push-ups and dips in the rings or straight bar. Using the same methods, secure the band to the equipment and allow the band to help support and increase strength.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

-watch online videos for several demonstrations regarding the movements -You can use bands in place of these exercises to help develop strength and comfort level, but should always attempt to advance to the unassisted movement when capable

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Although Crossfit may appear intimidating and targeted toward more serious athletes, it is actually engineered for all people, regardless of fitness level or age. Yes, there are standard prescribed Crossfit workouts and instructors will encourage others to try and reach these levels, but it is not necessary to get in a good workout. Depending on your skill and fitness level, workouts exercises have modifications that allow for all levels to complete the same movements in more efficient and useful ways. One modification that is consistently used are elastic rubber training bands. They add extra support to those learning pull-ups, ring maneuvers, and hand stand push-ups. Most people find it difficult to perform several exercises when beginning Crossfit, and using supportive bands will allow for a quicker transition into gaining strength in these movements.

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