How to Spike a Volleyball

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Step 1

Purchase "The Spiker" by Jaypro sports, available on This product will allow you to get spiking repetitions and practice without having anyone else there with you.

Step 2

Get your footwork down. Right-handed players will take a left-right-left stepping approach. First step small, large 2nd step, and the third step will bring your feet even shoulder length with one another. Left-handed hitters will do the opposite. While approaching, bring both arms behind you to get ready to jump.

Step 3

Once your feet are gathered, prepare to jump by doing a slight squat to generate power. Swing your arms forward and in the air as you jump.

Step 4

Bring your dominant hand forward, and draw it back alongside your head.

Step 5

When the set is hittable, try to contact the ball at the highest point possible, and swing at the ball as hard as you can.

Step 6

Follow through with your arm on the SAME SIDE. (Right handed hitters finish on right side of body, and vice versa).

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Timing is one very difficult part of spiking. Get your timing down by working with a setter and hitting balls repetitively until you get a rhythm.

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The Spiker $206.10

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I first started spiking volleyballs when I was 12 years old, after learning all of the fundamentals.

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