How To Become a Volleyball Coach

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Step 1

Develop good communication skills. Don't be afraid to speak up, take the lead, and help others around you.

Step 2

Study the game through books, magazines, and your own coaches. The volleyball coach has to be an expert at the game, knowing all of the skills such as serving, passing, spiking, blocking, and defense. One good resource to use is The Volleyball Drill Book, available at Amazon for $13.29.

Step 3

Participate in camps and clinics. The best way to gain knowledge about the sport is to hear advice and coaching from as many people as possible.

Step 4

Look for volunteering opportunities. Even if you have to start out as a student manager, helper, or just a volunteer assistant, it is a good idea to meet as many coaches as possible. You never know what kinds of opportunities you might find.

Step 5

Stay up to date with the volleyball community. Get involved in message boards, read Volleyball Magazine to catch up on current events, and stay involved.

Step 6

Play the game. The best way to learn any sport is to have first-hand experience with that sport. This will allow you to relate to your team if they ever have questions.

Step 7

Apply, apply, apply. Apply for every opportunity possible. Whether it is a small high school or a large university, get your foot in the door and take advantage of what ever coaching experience you can get.

Step 8

Pursue additional education. A college degree along with a Master's degree in Sports Administration, Exercise Science, or Physicial Activity Services is often recommended for coaches.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

This job will take time and effort, but it will definitely be worth it in the end.

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I have worked with several coaches throughout my career--middle school, high school, and Division 1 college coaches. They have taught me everything I know, and I have been sharing this knowledge with up and coming volleyball players since I was a sophomore in High School.

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