How To Do Volleyball Training Drills

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Step 1

Obtain the Volleyball Skills & Drills book from Amazon, available for around $14. This will contain a wide range of drills coming from some very reliable sources and coaches.

Step 2

Serving: Arrange hoola hoops or some sort of target on one side of the net. Have your team try to serve the volleyball into these target areas. If they hit the target, they get 2 points. Any other made serve is 1 point. Have them keep track of points until they reach 50 points.

Step 3

Blocking: Have your team line up at the left side of the net. After making one blocking move at this point of the net, have them shuffle and make a blocking move in the middle of the net, and then repeat on the right side of the net. They can then go under to the other side of the net and repeat.

Step 4

Spiking: With a bucket of volleyballs at your side, have the team line up. Toss the ball on the net, and work on proper approach technique. Have them approach and spike the ball, retrieve the ball, and return to the end of the line.

Step 5

Passing: Arrange the team into groups of 2 or 3. Have them bump the ball around the circle or back and forth depending on the group size. The first group to reach 30 in a row wins.

Step 6

Defense: Arrange the team into 3 lines, one in left back, one in middle back, and one in right back. Have the first person in each line step up. The coach will then hit volleyballs at each defensive position, and the goal is for them to dig the ball back to the coach. Mix up speeds and depth (deep and short), and try to have the team return 7 balls in a row to the coach. After they do this, the next group steps up.

Step 7

Butterfly passing: Arrange 2 sets of this drill, one on each side of the court. One person tosses the ball to a passer on the other side of the net. They pass the ball to the setter who is at the net. After the ball is thrown, the throw replaces the passer, and the passer replaces the setter. The setter who catches the ball then goes into the tossing line to repeat the process with the new passer and setter. This should be a quick-tempo drill.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

These drills may not be completely understood by the athletes at first, but with practice they can become very routine and entertaining for the team. It is important to make sure that the team is demonstrating sound fundamentals before moving into drills.

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Drills are a very important part of volleyball, and you will see drills during every single practice. I have been doing drills since I started playing volleyball 9 years ago.

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