How to Set a Volleyball

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Step 1

Purchase the Tachikara TB-18 "The Setter" volleyball from This is a weighted volleyball that will build your forearm and hand strength to increase your setting ability.

Step 2

Place your hands like you are drinking a 2 liter bottle of soda. Place them out in front of your face, palms facing away, and position your hands so that your two index fingers and two thumbs are close to each other but not touching.

Step 3

Using a volleyball, gather strength through the legs. Give a slight squat with the legs, and as the ball comes to your hands push off with your legs and shoot your hands through the ball.

Step 4

You can not hold on to the ball for more than a split second, or you will be whistled for a lift.

Step 5

Try to contact the ball at the same time with both hands. The referee may be inclined to call a double contact if it looks like you set the ball at different times with each hand.

Step 6

Practice setting to a target. Set up some sort of target 5 ft. away. Try to set as many balls as possible to the target. Repeat this at 10 ft., 15 ft., and 20 ft.

Step 7

Get game-like repetitions. Invite a friend to come hit volleyballs while you are setting so that you can get used to the timing.

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I have been playing volleyball for years now. Setting is an essential part of the game, and all position players need to know this skill.

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