How To Tailgate for a College Football Game

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Step 1

Gather your snacks and drinks from the grocery store. The menu typically includes hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, chips, dips, and water/soda to drink. Be sure to purchase charcoal for the grill as well.

Step 2

Get your tickets to the game, and be sure to arrive about 3 hours early to the game.

Step 3

Prepare your food and drinks. Place the drinks into a chilled cooler with ice, and place your burgers, brats, hot dogs, and any other perishable food items in the cooler as well.

Step 4

Drive to the game, remembering to arrive early to allow for cooking time.

Step 5

Begin preparing your food, and set up a table if desired in order to place any chips or other snacks that have been purchased on that table.

Step 6

Engage in pre-game activities, such as playing catch, corn-hole, or other recreational games.

Step 7

Set up the chairs around the grilling area as the food cooks.

Step 8

Once the food is done cooking, enjoy! Once gametime approaches, be sure to pack up your belongings and head into the stadium.

Step 9

This step is important. Empty out your coals before you leave for the game. Do not place the hot grill under the back bumper, as it may catch fire (I know this from personal experiences)

Step 10

Enjoy the game!

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I have been tailgating for years, and it is something that I always enjoy. I tailgated when I was a kid, and I plan on passing this on to my kids some day.

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