How To Do Stretching for Volleyball

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Step 1

Obtain a Stretch Out Strap from Amazon, available for $11.99.

Step 2

Begin your Dynamic Range of Motion (DROM) warm-up, consisting of several stretches and exercised that will be outlined in the following steps.

Step 3

High knee tucks: Lift your knee up to your chest and grab your upper shin, pulling your leg up toward your chest. Repeat this with the other leg and walk across the gym alternating until you reach the other end.

Step 4

Do 10 squats. This will warm you up for the jumping and complex movements that you will be doing.

Step 5

Quadracep stretch: Grab your ankle and pull your leg up behind you until you feel a stretch in your front upper leg. Repeat this with the other leg, and walk to the other side of the gym.

Step 6

DO 8 squat jumps, which are similar to the regular squat, except you will be jumping up into the air after each squat. This will prepare you for blocking and spiking.

Step 7

Inverted toe touch: Extend your right leg out in front of you, straightened, and bend at the waist to touch your toe. Repeat this with the other leg and alternate in a walking motion until you reach the other side of the gym.

Step 8

Pull your shoulder across your chest, and grab it with your opposite arm. Repeat this stretch with the other arm.

Step 9

Lay on the ground and use your stretching band. Place your foot on the fold of the band, and grab the two loose ends of it and pull toward your chest. Keep your leg straight until you feel a stretch in your hamstring, and repeat with the other leg.

Step 10

Take 5 laps around the gym. Lap 1: Jog. Lap 2: Sideways shuffle. Lap 3: High knees. Lap 4: Butt kicks. Lap 5: Jog.

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Stretching and warming up is crucial to your success on the volleyball court. As you get more advanced and play in tournaments, you will be required to play multiple games in one day. This requires you to stay hydrated and keep your muscles fresh by warming up before you compete and stretching afterward.

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Stretch Out Strap $12.32

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I have engaged in warm-up type exercies ever since I started playing volleyball in 7th game. Warming up and cooling down before and after playing is extremely important to muscle recovery and injury prevention.

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