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Speed training sleds are starting to become very popular within training for football. They are very beneficial to develop lower body strength and speed. They are very safe to use at nearly any age due to its easy going nature. I would recommend any high school football program to purchase several sleds. The following steps should be considered when buying a power sled.

Step 2

Coaches will make the choice to buy the sleds to help increase their athletes leg strength. This form of exercise is commonly paired with a strength program to produce maximal results. Coaches should buy enough sleds to ensure efficient use throughout a team. More than one sled is going to be needed.

Step 3

I would highly encourage a coach to purchase one sled for every 10 players on a team. For individual use only one sled will be needed.

Step 4

All power sleds are built nearly identical. Meaning the weights are placed at the same location, as well as the handles. Overall sled quality may differ to due to companies using a thicker metal, and more durable skis on the sled. Sleds constructed with thicker metal and better skis will cost more. This should be taken into effect based upon your budget.

Step 5

Research the different brands of sleds an which weighs more. Usually this will tell you which sled uses more and thicker metal; thus determining the sled with the higher quality.

Step 6

Shopping around might help to finding a better deal. Power sleds are hard to find at local sporting goods stores. If available, looking at the product will help determine which is best. More than likely you will have to look online and have to order a power sled from there.

Step 7

Once you receive the sled you may have to put the sled together. They are very easy to put together and doesn't take much time.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Be aware of the weight when having the product shipped. This will probably have an effect on the shipping cost. I wouldn't advise building a homemade sled. Homemade sleds tend to lack the correct functioning of company produced sleds.

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