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For starters you have to find your size around your waist (nike makes sizes extra small, too 2XL). You could measure this with a tape measure and bring the measurements to the store. Keep in mind if you prefer things tighter or looser, depending or your personal preference. I have purchased a size that was just a little big because the Nike Pro Combat girdle tends to shrink just a bit. Also note that trying these on in a store to get the right fit.It would be a good idea since they do cost a decent amount of money. If you try them on you may have a correct size and can just find them cheaper online.

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Once you have tried them on, try pulling them down and moving the hip pads around. If they are sliding and moving around very easily, you should consider trying the next lowest size on. You want the girdle to be snug around your waist and hips, you don't want someone to pull them down in a game or worry about readjusting them every second.

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Find the best deal and shop around. is a very good website and always have good deals going on. I also wouldn't recommend buying a used par due to skin infections or other skin

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Find the right size. Try the product on and just don't buy them without first trying them on. Also each company uses the same type of fabric. Its a stretchy material that wicks away sweat. Also keep in mind that these pads are built in so each girdle will have the same amount of padding that you aren't able to remove or add onto.

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These new items are awesome! They save football athletes a lot of time and patients. I used to always get mad trying to loop my belt buckle through my pad, and back through the pants!

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I have only used one my senior year in high school football.

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